Are the Poppies selling this year?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. I have just spent 4 hours shopping in Canterbury. I saw no one standing in the street selling poppies and only four people wearing them despite the centre being full of people on a nice sunny day. First I visited an outdoor clothing sale at a large city centre hotel which had poppies on sale at the main reception desk but with no hotel staff wearing them as far as I could see. I asked the receptionist if she intended to wear one but just got a shrug of the shoulders. Even the older generation were not wearing them. Is support waining for the poppy appeal? Does the design need to be changed in order to make it easier to wear with modern clothing. On this latter point I would have lost mine if a young lad hadn't spotted it falling off my fleece in M&S. Are people buying them but not wearing them? It would have been nice to have seen a profusion of poppies but there seems less this year than on previous years. Will the buying of poppies build up next week? Any thoughts on these points.
  2. Theappeal only launched this week, and will no doubt grow. Locally the ACF sell them on the street the first week in November, well on Saturdays at any rate.
  3. Got a knock on the front door this morning from a local poppy seller. Bought one and wore it in town. Not too many about at the moment.
  4. The street selling only started today. You should see more people out over the next two weekends
  5. I don't tend to wear one until November. Last year though I couldn't find anyone selling them locally but eventually managed to get one on a trip into London.
  6. I think the convention is that poppies are not worn until the week before Remembrance Day.
  7. They are on sale so wear one if you want. I have bought mine and am wearing it, there are a few about and there are plenty of "self service" dispensers about now.
  8. Ive been looking today as it was filtered down from the powers above to make sure we got the lads to wear them behnd their capbadges from Monday. Alas not seen any around the Garrison at the moment.
  9. Thanks for those comments. What about the design which was good when we all wore suits with button holes but not very practical now. The wearing of a poppy is a strong symbol and needs to stay that way if they are to be remembered. The present design does not suit modern clothing. Comments?
  10. Happy to report that poppies are on sale in the city centre where I live. Currently being distributed by the Navy cadet things (whatever they are called - sorry Jack!). Two nice ladies, one dressed in the crappy blue stuff complete with beret 'steaming boots' and one, rather fetching in what I would call best dress, (including the white hat thing with the band round it). Sorry again lads and lassies but I was in the Army and don't know the proper terms for the dress state.

    I do know tho' that I saw a certainindividual with a R Sigs stable belt wandering around (in uniform) with hands stuffed in pockets and rattling on her mobile with no apparent interest. She was in full C95 but looked in need of some exercise.

    I notice the Walting season is in full swing.
  11. I volunteered my services as a seller on the RBL website. Still heard nothing from them, though.
  12. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    H K fuey

    I called the county HQ from the details given on the RBL site. I was contacted within 2 days.


    I have stickers in my box for those who do not want the traditional poppy.
  13. One thing for you Sky (and anybody else with a comment) how many of us discard the green bit? Could this not save the RBL some money? I am unaware of any significance of the green leaf but stand to be corrected but I always bin it and I understand that we (when I was in) were not allowed to wear it behind cap badges or with medals and leathers.
  14. poppies on sale alles uber in Andover - and a hell of a lot of people wearing them too, including chavs of all things but hey - support is support!!!
  15. dockers.

    I'll give my local RBL a call on Monday. Hopefully I'll be outside Woolworths within the next week or two.