Are the police still Racist?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Steven, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. The Metropolitan Black Police Association has decided to withdraw contact with the Met and have also started discouraging new recruits from joining.

    So just a load of hot air and rhetoric from a bunch of self-promoting muppets or does the Met have a real problem with ingrained hatred of BME police officers?
  2. If you consider the way they pander to ethnics and deviants in the force then yes they are quite racist
    Edit: apologies i meant to say "service" not force
  3. I would argue that, far from being a hinder to it, being a member of one of the police services many special interest groups is quite beneficial to an officers career.

    Perhaps the NBPA should stop their attempts to destabilise a service which is already a laughing stock and maybe turn their attention to setting a positive example for potential ethnic minority officers to follow.

    Sorting out their accountancy would be a start.
  4. I started a thread re Mike Fuller touching on this issue simultaneous with this thread. I was commended by Home Office in 1971 for exposing sociologists research on police training colleges. Their methods pre-determined the resulys which included the myth invented for research purposes of Institutionalized Racism.

    It emerged that the research was actually into the malleability of police recruits participating in an obvious folly just because they were told to. They were told that the questionnnaires were anonymous but just put your names at the top ... and they did it. All bar one Yours Truly.

    So I am afrid that Institutionalzed racism began life as a hoax. It then mutated to reality in the heads of Home Office sociologists and they waited for the day a c-nt became Home Secretary. Eventually they found Jack Straw.
  5. The ethnic minorities will not be happy until they are the majority.

    It is positive racism, and the fact that they feel they need to work a little harder (in there eys) than there white colleagues is bollocks.

    As has been said, the are pandered too, and even have there own association which is an exclusie club (or is that seperatist)
  6. I would get outraged but i'm enjoying seeing the politically correct stasi of the met being hoist on its own gender neutral petard
  7. Outrage blue light taxi anyone?
  8. Street robbery is a racist crime. Discuss
  9. I do not think that the "Police" have ever been racist. There may have been a few individuals but no more ore less than in comparable groups.
  10. Well according to any number of studies and surveys you are wrong and the whole of the force (does that encompass members of the BPA and all BME coppers as well?) are racist to the core.

    Or you are correct and this is yet another step in the plan for the darkies to take over the country?

    Or just possibly it is a bunch of tw@s who see a chance for some cash/favours kicking up a stink with very little substance behind it.
  11. I see that my thread was despatched to Arrsehole.

    Kent Police Authority are processing compalints against an elected member Cllr William Hayton.

    This has entailed the Police Authority clerk, Mark Gilmartin, in drawing up a report touching on twenty years of police history in Kent.

    In August 1997 the then Chair of Kent Police Authority called on Chief constablke for inquiry and report into a range of matters including:

    (1) Police handling of the Deal Barracks pre-explosion breach of security warnings 1988 89

    (2) Alleged sabotage consistent with Stage 3 of the IRA Garland Plan by an associate of those named in matter one

    (3) The arrests in 1987 of 21 members of Kent territorial Army and why no charges for paramilitary activity

    (4) Kent Police admin of firearms and range law and paramilitary training

    (5) Refusals to record crime complaint or interview Regular Army witnesses who came forward.

    In Dec 1998 with the support of a member of Kent Police Authority I sent Jack Straw a request that he compel the inquiry first called for by Kent Police Authority in 1997.

    Whilst these matters, of refusing to inquire and report to police authority, were occurring in Kent it was a Kent Chief constable conducting the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. Bob Ayling.

    Then compounding this Kent's Chief constable David Phillips in Spring 89 was sent to supervise the Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry in Ulster.

    Sir Ronnie Flanagan raised inquiries with Home Secretary, when faced with objections from Kent to Phillips deployment, seeking to expedite Jack Straw's decision to compel inquiry into Deal Barracks bombing etc. And David Phillips left the Rosemary Nelson case to be replaced with Norfolk's Colin Pole.

    Since Phillips left the Rosemary Nelson case there has been further cover up and refusals of crime complaints in Kent sustained allegedly by Michael Fuller.

    Fuller gained the Kent job after Phillips quit suddenly and left his force temporarily under command of Bob Ayling.

    It may be coincidence but Phillips sudden departure from Kent Chief constable was about two weeks allegedly after General De Chasterlain chose to record concerns about these Kent matters with the Northern Ireland Secretary.

    Since about February 2007 Kent Police Authority have had a copy of a report, about sabotage, to Home Secretary. And they have had this length of time to consider it.

    There is expertise in this field on KPA in the person of their Spoecial Branch liaison member Brigadier Hill who is a chartered engineer and former senior civil servant in Northern Ireland Office.

    From mid July 2008 the matters have crystallised into a Standards Board of Kent Police Authority inquiry into the conduct of Cllr William Hayton. And once that Standards Board procedure started I am pleased to say that ex Regular Army witnesses, previously persuyaded to silence, have come forward and proffered evidence to KPA.

    It is some weeks since I wrote to KPA that they should not contain this matter to a Standards Inquiry into one cllr but they must be weighing whether to require Mike Fuller's resignation.

    His blatant pitch to Panora,a now prompted me today to email the KPA to officially record today as the date I extend the complaint to Mike Fuller.

    The reason that Common Law makes the laying of information obligatory (something which was apparently derided on my post sent to Arrsehole) is that the matters at issue include

    (1) Affording aid and comfort to Hm enemies in her Realm (realted to Deal Bombing case 1989

    (2) Acts with which intent would weaken or tend to weaken the ability of the Realm to resist or attack an enemy

    (3) Undermining the Queen as Fount of All Justice

    (4) Suppressing reports called for by RUC and later PSNI (Misprision)

    Having said that my money would still be on the Kent Token Tinty getting the top job.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The Met have 14 Associations dealing with staff matters when most efficient organisations have one forum dealing with all staff matters

    No wonder you cannot find a copper in London when you need one, they all to busy with association business. Why do they need so many when they have a federation?
  13. surely its simply a matter of numbers and percentages.

    Average time to promotion between ethnic groups, percentage of minority sgts as a proportion of recruits....etc

    Anyone know where the figures are available?
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    This is the Arrse current affairs forum, not a 'Care in the Community' drop-in centre. Try to keep it relevant and short.
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Who's cares. If your deemed good enough you get promoted.