Are the Orange/Masonic/RAOB/Forresters etc a spent force?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by 1stgulfmac, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Up late looking on BBC website and watched the video..

    clicky thing

    Now I'm not bothered about the politics/religion/stuff, but I did notice that apart from the bands there's not many actual marching members. Now as a child in central Scotland I remember huge numbers marching. Father in Law is a Mason and he said that membership is falling. Noticed on other AARSE things about RAOB and how that's died the death as well. So do people not want to do this sort of society thing any more?

    I'm not even going to list the "Lost" Legionaires in this.
  2. 1stGulfMac

    I too grew up in Central Scotland and the orange marches were common weeks before the 12th.

    Was in Bo'ness recently and saw a march - I got a surprise cos I don't get them where I live now - they wouldn't be tolerated.

    And yes, there were few bands and only a handful of followers.

    I think/hope bigotry may be dying out these days.
  3. Bigotry - Masonic Lodge?? Please explain?
  4. Being proud to be a prod is bigotry....?when did this happen?F*ck me we'll be treatin Muslims as human beings next!!!
  5. 1stGulfMac mentioned more than one organisation in his original post.

    :D I only discussed the orange lodge, Daytona. Now that's bigotry.

    I know many catholics on the Square I can assure you, and have never encountered bigotry in Masonic circles (no pun intended) :D

    Hope this helps.
  6. Cool, just wanted to clarify that.

    Anyway - the LOL are not bigots - any good upstanding Scottish/Irish white protestant can join them
  7. Grippar

    You have every right to feel proud as a prod, as does a catholic who's proud to be a pape.

    The LOL does shove it down people's throats. Most "prods" and "papes" would tell you if they're honest, that they aren't practising.

    And before you feel insulted, the marching republicans look just as daft and are just as bigoted as the LOL.

    No need for it in this day and age, do we have to fight amongst each other when there are bigger troubles abroad???
  8. Got any wet wipes Daytona???

    Just sprayed coffee on my laptop - only just re-installed the software and cleaned it up today - here we go again!!!

    Nice one I liked that :clap:
  9. Like this chap:
  10. your location says edinburgh do you live there? there has been three parades through edinburgh this year and last year there was more than that last year including the biggist parade scotland has seen for years and probably ever will to celibrate the act of union where the crowds were about 5 deep supporting it
  11. [​IMG]
    In short NOOOO! :D
  12. As I said I am not interested in the politics/bogots of it all, just interested in that membership, formal or otherwise does seem to be falling. Are there people out there who want to join these social/formal members only organisations? Or has Facebebo taken over the membership role?
  13. Yeah can see Loyal Order of B.E.B.O parades in the not to me a favour.
  14. adult membership in scotland grew this year in scotland in the LOI and ABOD and a few more lodges opened in south of england. where about in the borders are you from grippar?
  15. Check p.m's