Are the Navy taking over JHQ?


Just been looking at a staff list for JHQ and I think the Navy are taking over. Out of a staff of about 67,000 ROs (another topic on their own surely!) at least 75% of them are shown as Capt (Ret'd). Now unless your name is Mark Phillips we all know that in the Army you had to attain field rank to use the Ret'd bit after your name.
Field rank?

Does that mean Worzel Gummidge can put Scarecrow (retd) after his name?



Looking at the way some of them dress, I think he already has!!
Probably right in the crack of their bergen arrses by the loom of some of them!!  ;)


Boats??? I thought that was your area: as in FLY Navy, sail Army, walk sideways......  

happiness is 500ft down in a force 10
Us engineers have got boats too but at least we don't paint them grey.


By gum, isn't technology amazing, internet in a submarine. Or maybe you are in one of those HMS thingy-me-jigs with a front gate and vehicular access (where they check ID cards!) miles from the nearest water. Or maybe you are in a grey thing.

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