Are the Navigator, Marine Mechanic trades any good?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by curryhead, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Hi all! I'm finally in England. It's an absolutely stunning place. :D

    I was told by the ACIO that I cannot apply for a position with the Royal Engineers because of security issues. I was given a choice of Infantry and the RLC. The RLC Navigator and Marine Mechanic trades look very interesting. Are any of you in those trade? What's it like?

  2. Does anyone know what it's like?

    Please help this ignorant fellow out, I am really in the dark about RLC trades.
  3. In my time, the navigator was not a trade, but a seaman qualification - so if you want to become one then you would need to join as a seaman. Marine Engineers used to go through the Army Apprentice college (but I'm not sure if it still exists) - best you pop down to the local careers office.
  4. Thanks Mover. I'll talk to the recruiters again.
  5. You sure its England youre in!?
  6. I'll fill in some gaps.

    17 port and Maritime Regt RLC Marchwood is where all Navigator/Engr trades live. It is a good place to be - they have just refurbished the barracks accomodation plus plenty of ops to travel. On edge of Southampton and New Forest.

    You start as a Seaman CL 3 and through the years qualify as Navigator, ending up as an Ocean Watch Keeper at WO2.

    Marine Engrs now train at HMS Sultan in Portsmouth - long but v good course with stacks of transferable skills.

    One problem is promotion is slowish - deadman's shoes.

    Also op to train as an Army diver (badges!) if you are v fit and sail etc etc. There is a lot of time away - but I thoughly enjoyed my time there. Could be a lot worse - you could be in Gutesloh! My advice? Go for it!
  7. Spent 4 good years attached to the blue jobs and stevedors at marchwood.

    Decent enough bunch, some of the marine engineers were up their own ARsse but you get them everywhere.

    Promotion is incredibly slow, competition for vacancies is tough and you really will have to be outstanding of the others in your trade to be promoted.
  8. :) I was waiting for a reply like that . It is a nice place, I'm happy I came here at the start of spring. Nice scenery, the people of colchester are really friendly. The damned bus is always late, but all in all not bad.

    Thanks for the information fellas!
  9. You get to spend loads of time at 17 Sport And Pastime Regiment. One of the best postings I ever had (surprisingly).