Are the Infantry as bad as everyone says they are?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by afartinthefog, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Hello I am currently in the joining process and my first job choice is a com systems op for the Royal Sigs.

    I picked this job because it's a trade and if I left I would have some transferable skills if/when I left the army.

    However I really want to join the infantry and do soldiering at its finest but any time I tell people this they all say something along the lines of "You won't have any skills when you leave!" "But you are too smart! Get a trade!" and I am wondering if there is any weight to these claims?

    I've heard on these very forums that you can volunteer for various courses no matter what job you pick and still get some good skills that could be used in civvy street, is this true?

    Also why do people always think the infantry are thick cnuts? This can't be true can it?
  2. Have the people you told served in the Armed Forces?
  3. I was in the infantry and I'm a thick **** so I'd say it's true.
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  4. Maybe worth going on the Infantry threads and asking if they are thick cnuts or even ask the people in McDonalds who told you this why they think so.
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  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I was in the Infantry, and I'm not a thick ****. However... be prepared for a physical, rather than cerebral, life.

    Get a trade if you have a choice. There's few jobs for ex-snipers, NBC instructors, Drill Pigs, etc. Far more for someone who can work a PC. If you are that warry, then do your training, and do P Coy and see what goes from there. There's plenty of options.
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  6. What Old Snowy says, there is some scope to get various civvy qualifications in the Infantry but they are no where near as good as the qualifications you'd get from one of the Corps.
  7. I started in the Infantry and only four people in my Section were Graduates. One of them only had O Levels, but we still spoke to him. The rest of the Platoon was very similar. We were TA mind, so it may be the academic standard is lower in the regulars.

    I was also in the Royal Signals for a year or so. More scope to learn technical stuff. But nowhere near as much soldiering.
  8. ?????????????????? WTF
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  9. Ill go against that in a way though CB...When I was in an Armd Inf LAD many moon ago there were quite a number of other SNCO/WO in the mess who were Infantry who had done OU courses and had far more qualifications than us techical trades..they had lots of time and opportunity to do this whilst serving.
  10. Yes but the majority of those will have been done off their own back, not qualifications they have got through the Army. I'm thinking the type of NVQs you get from signals courses etc.
  11. One is a TA sapper and the other is a Officer Cadet
  12. So neither with any experience of the Infantry and what we do, nip over the Infantry forum there are a few threads knocking about on this subject, and you're more likely to get a sensible (biased) answer.
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  13. I'll put it more simpler - Regulars are thick:)
  14. You didn't happen to be in the Rifles for a time did you?
  15. LI at one point, one tiny step up from RGJ. Does it show?

    I was a Royal Anglian first, wish my real job had not kept moving me about, they were the best.
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