Are the Europeans arming Iran?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. I can't be arrsed to read the article, is this a rhetorical question?
  2. Neo Con are all Americans illiterate? You don't need an apostrophe between the n and the s when describing more than one European. I think also you need to read the article you've posted a little more closely. At no point did it mention arming the Iranians. The Italians made the satellite (perhaps not the brightest move) and the Russians launched it (ditto). So answer me this, did the Americans arm Pinochet, Noriega and Ferdinand Marcos. That would be a "yes" then.
  3. You forgot Osama Bin Ladin and the Taleban, and you might also have mentioned America's previous friendship with Saddam Hussein.
  4. Russian officials said Sina-1 was developed in cooperation with Moscow and manufactured in Iran.Fisher Institute for Strategic Air and Space Studies, said. "It is clear that Iran plans to use space for military purposes. We are talking about the first capabilities for Iran

    I guess a spy satellite is not on your list as arms. It certainly does not make the middle east a more peaceful place.
  5. Aah, NEO_CON, you seem to have fallen into the simplistic trap of many of your countrywo/men. I know it's easier for the elementarily wired average Septic brain to come to the conclusion that just because Europeans in general are critical of Septic foreign policy, they automatically lump the whole Septic population in with that. Not true. Just about everybody on this forum realises that gormless gobshite Bush and his posse of huckters, shysters, con-men, professional waffle-merchants and pyschos are responsible for the present mess. And that's who they criticise.
    Read the former postings about who's supplied what to whom.
    Kettle, black and pot come to mind.

    BTW, I've got an almost unused tinfoil hat you might be interested in.:)
  6. Was it not the United States' two-faced approach to international politics that resulted in the current War on Terror? Had the West not funded/supported the Mujahadin effort against the Soviet Union, the Islamic fundamentalists might not hold the the David and Goliath attitude they do today.
  7. Are the European's arming Iran?

    Why bother asking a such a pathetically stupid question - when you've already made up your mind?

    And, since you clearly believe that your opinion is infallibly correct, I suggest you do something about it...

    I suggest you please write to the White House and ask them to do the World a favour and invade, occupy, democratise and lead those wicked Europeans into the better 'new world'...

    I look forward to your ugly face NC exiting the first landing carft on my beach. I personally promise you a very warm welcome!!!!

    PS. Still waiting for your answer. Are you an iranian-american?
  8. Sending spy/recce satellites into space certainly does not make the Middle East a safer place. Nor does cooking up spurious reasons for invading Iraq. I would also add that one of the first countries to use space for military purposes was the USA. Glad to see your punctuation has improved though.
  9. I am always happy to change. When I am wrong about something.

    It doesn't matter weather those examples you sighted are true or not, most aren't . What matters is the europeans are arming the Iranians now. Is it going to cost lives and who will die because of the military capabilities be transferred? You seem to be ignoring the damage that is being done.
  10. Your off your head, we would have to sell our own parents, the family silver and our children. To even match what the septics have already sold the Iranians.
  11. Here's something to research Neo-Con

    Has Israel ever supplied "Defence" equipment to Iran post 1979?
  12. You may think some of the examples cited are untrue; but the US's support for all those mentioned is common knowledge, whether you like it or not. History shows that the US seemed to ignore the potential for future damage too, so any Eropeans selling arms to Iran will be in good company.
  13. Don't waste your effort PTP. NC doesn't know what the words 'research', 'evidence' 'analysis', 'fact' and 'truth' mean.

    The US provided Saddam with the ingredients to gas his own people. But hej, that's OK!

    The US provided Iran with the majority of their current war equipment, Isreal has spent the last 25 years servicing and repairing that very same equipment (with US tacit approval). But hej, that's OK!

    The US provided OBL with weopans, intelligence and knowhow that allowed him to become the scourge of the 'free' world. But hej, that's OK!

    So, let's not let the odd 'fact' get in the way of a good wrong-wing drivvel minging story shall we.....
  14. Peter! Why do you speak about 'Europeans'. In this particular example with the satelite mainly Russia should be mentioned.

    Russia is interesting in good relations with all countries, especially with such a big and important (for Russia) country as Iran. Maybe there are some problems between Iran and USA but there are no unresolvable problems between Iran and Russia.

    You can say that Russia could take into account American interests. But say frankly, do you know even one example when USA took into account Russian interests. Russia asked not to expand NATO (it was ignored), USA spent $60mln on electoral campaign in Ukraine being aware how important is Ukrane for Russia (btw, ethnically I'm Ukrainian at 1/2, my wife is Ukrainian, I have there many relatives).

    What would be possible benefits for Russia if it would stop cooperation with Iran? Zero. Moreover the effect would be negative. Iran and other countries would regard Russia as unreliable partner. Thanks from USA I fear would not be sufficient compensation.

    PS. I beg all forumists make grammatical notes toward Peter (NEO CON) only in private messages. Moreover your obedient servant is more suitable target. Any remarks about grammar and style of my posts would be much appresiated.