Are the Conservative Party policy makers this stupid?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hades, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Yesterday the leader of the Conservatives, David Cameron anounced his intention to introduce a 6 week voluntary national service for 16 year-olds, if his party were to be elected. Within this 6 weeks he has proposed that there would be a week-long 'physical' compoent, which as the BBC explained: "May be spent with the Army". The scheme would be self-funding, Mr Cameron explained, due to the reduction in Crime and anti-social behaviour that would result from his initiative.

    2 Points:

    1. Are the young people most likely to be the perpetrators of crime and anti-social behaviour also the most likely to 'volunteer' to be part of this scheme?

    2. WTF do the senior conservatives think the Army is up to at the moment. Have thay paid any attention to the commitments we are currently undertaking, and why do they think we would want to baby-sit a bunch of mid-pubescent youths?

    This initiative sounds as well thought-out as the Conservative think-tank's proposal that an element of the British Army should be structured and based permenantly in the UK to deal with emergencies such as the recent floods. Isn't this what the Fire Brigade used to be for before the government completely cut its funding?

    Why are all our (potential) lords and masters so naive regarding the actual purpose of an Army?
  2. I'm a member, but I am beginning to wonder!!

    PS: I'm longing to read 'Sven's' opinion on this!
  3. I'm a member too, though reconsidering as the months pass.

    No other party to go for though. Bad parties with bad leaders, or a good party led by a tool.
  4. In reply to your points:

    1) No, they're not, and I speak as someone who has the misfortune to deal on a daily basis with the illiterate,unwashed,unmotivated, uncivilised, sh*t-thick and pig-ignorant, drug-addled chav-scum for which this scheme is presumably being mooted. The only people who will go on something like this are the type of youngsters who already join youth organisations and do things like the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Sadly they are not the people who need or could benefit most from it.
    The "feral youth" who infest the council estates and inner-city areas will not be remotely interested in this and anyway, 6 weeks camping will not change what 16yrs of poor parenting, educational failure and welfare dependancy has done to them. I'm a lifleong conservative but when I read this latest scheme of Daves' I wondered if he really knows what the problems are out there. This smacks of re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic!

    2) I agree, what was he thinking of here? Obviously he feels that just about he only organisations in the country at the moment which command any real respect ( and I include the Police of which I am a member) are the Armed Forces, but if he thinks they have the men, resources and time available to be able to take on this kind of committment then he's even more detached than I thought!!

    All in all a truly silly idea. :roll: :roll:

  5. He's allowed one, just as you are.

    However, his is usually more eloquent. And unless it's escaped my attention, this is ARRSE not Conservative Home.

    I disagree with the Lib Dem's on almost everything, but Sven is never dull.

    I actually loathe most political creatures, and your impression of the Golf Club bore has confirmed why.
  6. So much for trusting 16 year olds to be mature and able to make their own informed decisions.

    Does anyone know if any Western Democracy has some sort of scheme like this in operation?

    Cameron must have been suffering from the long term effects from over indulgence of some recreational substances.
  7. Are the Conservative Party policy makers this stupid?

    You needed to ask?
  8. All these silly gimmicks. Even if they weren't silly, by bringing out new ones every five minutes they give a weak impression. The guppymint do it to distract voters from other news but it's pointless for an opposition.

    They should pick 4-5 things to "oppose" about that defines the differences.

    Defence, crime, immigration, and management by targets for example and then bang on about those few relentlessly.

  9. The Tory loons have now come out with more "green" taxation plans. One of them is to make supermarkets charge for parking so people will go back to shopping in town centres.
    Do they really think this will make us vote for them? The two Tescos in our area also have a doctors surgery and library on the same site and people use the Tesco car park (only one available). Does this mean you will have to pay for parking to go the library or doctors and will all the staff have to pay for parking there as well?
    Do they really put their brains in gear before engaging their mouths?
    I don't think so.
  10. Don't forget Dave’s plan to allow us only one flight in Europe for our holidays, so we don't warm the globe up too much.
  11. And John (Beefburger) Gummer said that they would ban domestic appliances that fail to meet 'energy efficiency targets'. Cue the WGP - White Goods Police!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Fools the lot of them, why should the cnuts from the greens drive us back 300 years just because they want to live life close to nature. Ship the lot of them to Greenland and see how green it really is!
  13. Defence, immigration and crime aside, I cannot see how a party can call itself 'conservative' when it's so blatantly Europhile in policy. It's is not a party of opposition. I'm not entirely sure what it is. If CMD is really serious about coming to power then he simply needs to address the basics already mentioned - with a huge emphasis on the latter two. I don't think that the proles give too much of a toss about defence and our foreign policy (if indeed we have one), but crime and immigration are vote winners, as is withdrawal from the EU. Is CMD serious? Apparently not. Pay & Display at Tescos? That ripping sound you can hear Mr Cameron is your political career being shredded. Cnut!

    And another thing. Why is the Daily Mail - a pro-forces paper - so vilified on this site? I read it along with the Torygraph and (to be honest) cannot fault its stance. At least it's got one... unlike the Tories.
  14. It's reactive polatics based on recent news "events", pure and simple. It's a stance taken so as to be seen to be making an effort to "engage" with voting public in areas of life that the public care about, or are deemed to care about.