Are the British doing enough in Iraqs south and Basra?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by American_Dominion, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Don't feed the troll.
  2. Hello Marine-x , have you enlisted yet?
  3. And what do you suggest as the answer A_D?
  4. This is how the US does it.

    Maybe we should take a leaf out of your country's book perhaps.

    If it costs too much.....we'll just leave them to fight it out themselves.
  5. Are the British doing enough in Iraq's south and Basra?

    I'm not quite sure what American_Dumb-onion means with the question.

    Should the Brits be topping more people or what?

  6. "How Basra Slipped Out of Control: Portent in the Shiite South?"

    I would suggest the a news heading for the American effort in Baghdad: "How America never had control of Baghdad in the first place."
  7. No Bugsy, the British should stop listening to American theatre commanders who tell us to go hands off on Al-Sadr , as he is now regarded as part of the solution.

    Something I wasn't aware of, until I saw that C4 despatches from Peter Oborne.
  8. Oxygen Thief more like.

  9. It is all very well to jostle and bay for Sadr's skin after he has been defeated and humiliated in his own lair. Where were the British soldiers in Najaf, when the gunmen acted up and had to be massacred by American marines? (There was a sweet sweet 2000pd JDAM that impact precisely on the far wall of the mosque compound and took out 50 Sadrlings with it).

    The fact is, if you have read easily accessible reports on the Net, there was a deal cut with Ayatollah Sistani, where Sadr will be handed over to him polishing the old cleric's power in exchange for his long term support on a democratic Iraq.

    But it's okay. After we have done all the hard work, and killed all of Sadr's men, we should let the English in only then to rip him apart. Jesus wept.
  10. What is your MOS?
  11. Aaand by popular request, the Septic spelling of "diplomacy" is now "dip-low-macy" Which is what they do!
    American Dumb_onion. Have you ever thought of getting professional help for your condition? :D

  12. Personally I think A_D is a Brit having the mother of all wind-ups.
  13. He's certainly the first yank I've heard say "Jesus wept".
  14. He's a fu*kwit of that there is no question.

    F*ck off back to 'mitty' land di*khead.