Are the British beginning to win hearts and minds in Iraq?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Yes but the process is very slow

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  2. I do not care

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  3. Rather no

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  4. No of course

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  5. Not sure, but it possible

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  6. Yes

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    Do you agree with general Shirreff? He made this statement 2 months ago. So is a process of winnig of hearts and minds going forward?

  2. I believe that it is, I think when UK forces leave Vietraq next year (huzzah!), they will leave Basra in a reasonable (given the overall circumstances).

    Knocking off genuinely evil bastards like they did over Christmas can only assist decent Iraqis.
  3. One must travel in hope, I suppose Armchair, if one must travel at all.
  4. It's interesting. So wide spectrum of opinions.
  5. Take Russia as an example Sergey - we invaded in 1917 to save them from The Red Peril and the Green Howards under CinC Edmund Ironside (role model for Richard Hannay)..........................he also operated in Persia.

    Now look how anglophile the Russians are - they can't keep away from London and the Home Counties, public schools, and New Bond Street......................if that doesn't show love and affection for the English what does ?

    Most people in the world love the English unless punished by politicians for displaying is a fact of life Sergey that the English are the most admired people on the planet for the way they delivered civilisation to the pagan hordes around the globe and constructed a world order based upon rule of law, freedom of the individual, and created the world's major democracies.....................

    How many countries living under democracy today have not had the English Influence to make it possible ?
  6. Voyager, I always assumed the Russians loved us because we kicked their arrses in the Crimea in 1856?
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    The scots aren't so impressed with the whole British thing apparently...
  8. And your obedient servant is a Russian Anglophile. My heart and mind was won by British culture, British literature, I dare say by British style of thinking, by how to say it... by gentlemanship (it is an unexisted word but I hope you understand me). In 1917 British government supported the Whites during Russian civil war. It was not a war against Russian people, just interference into Russian internal affairs. The last war between Russia and the UK happened 150 years ago.

    Couldn't agree more.

    I'm unaware about even one.

    So... so, do you mean that the British beginning to win hearts and minds in Iraq just because they are the British?
  9. The Scots would be living in a country just like Afghanistan if The Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland at the tender age of 24 years had not brought the rampaging tribes to heel and freed Scots women from the drudgery and illiteracy of life with Scottish hill tribes

    The one time the Scots tried to go it alone they had the disastrous Darien Scheme which broke The Bank of Scotland and only English Charity saved them from ending up like some tribal backwater
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I like a man that know's a bit of history.