Are the Army really overmanned or is it a load of bull?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TartanTrooper, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. my recruiter says theres only 50 jobs in the entire army this year since they are at 107% strength. how can this be true? there are recruiting drives on everywhere, that start thinking soldier thing cost millions why waste the money if they dont need recruits?
  2. Recruiters also say you can go windsurfing with Frank.

    What he might have meant is that all but 50 posts already have recruits signed up. A fair amount will drop out though or not make it through training.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Depends what he means by "this year". If he means Single Entry places not already allocated between now and the end of the financial year, he is probably not far off. But from Mar 31 onwards there will be an intake of about 7000.
  4. You think thats bollocks, just wait until you do get in, and come the first arranged disco, you are told there is a bus load of nurses turning up, you have been warned.
  5. Apparently the military already have enough SR Paramedics so it must be correct :?
  6. They're just full of crap. Told me I couldn't join the Para's because "they don't recruit from Yorkshire."
  7. Good old Guards Depot!!
  8. Not just the Guards Depot.
    I believe it was promised just about everywhere, 10's of thousand of now middle aged men are still living in hope of the missing two buses eventually turning up, one day, maybe.
  9. Someone's showing their age!!! :lol:


  10. well you can if you go to Belize, and go to St Georges Caye :D
  11. To answer the question - the Army was remarkably successful at recruiting this year (Financial year Apr 09-Mar 10). Trouble is they hadn't budgetted on filling up all the spaces. That and the cost of keeping BFG going as exchange rates went ballistic are the main reasons why you got the horror stories of In-Year savings affecting TA pay and training (the only juicy target available in year). Recruit intakes have therefore had to slow down. Come April, new budget and everyone will be filling their boots to spend quickly before it gets cut again.....and come the mid-year point when everyone is overspent we will go through it all again. Except this time hitting the TA again won't be an option. That is why the Blenheim monsters in Plans branches are all looking strained.
  12. Shhhhhhhhh only Field Marshall Hague and his dog knows about that.........but spot on :wink: just waiting for plan F to come through.
  13. You can't look at this as an Army wide statement, you have to look at it from cap badge to cap badge. Its true the Army on the whole are currently looking at over manning( by about 3.5%) but some Corps are still only manned at 80-90%. The reason for this is some Cap badges, Infantry and other teeth arms in particular, are currenly the ones over manned. I'll let a Recruiter tell you the politics why if there is one brave enough. Basically once again it all comes down to money. Some Technical Corps are not getting the funding to train at phase 2 because it costs a hell of a lot more to say train a REME Technician than it does to train your basic Infantry soldier. Hence the guys through the door at an AFCO are being told there is no vacancies in the job they are suited for and then they are being funnelled into other places. If any recruiter wishes to educate me otherwise then please tell me I am taking bollox.
  14. You are in some parts right, but in some parts wrong.

    There are a number of factors that predicate course place availability for recruit training. A key factor is the maths of the number of places, course duration and course frequency at Phase 2 training. The ARTD, quite rightly, do not want to have large numbers of soldiers hanging around between Phase 1 and Phase 2 doing nothing. The ideal position would be that a soldier starts Phase 1, completes it, has two weeks leave and then starts his Phase 2 course has two weeks leave and then joins his Field Army unit. Now that means that the key pinch point is the Phase 2 course that that soldier can get on to.

    The CIC is a combined Phase 1 and Phase 2 course, so for all Adult Entry this is a fairly straightforward problem. For a RE Geo/Survey it is a little more complicated he will have to do Phase 1, Phase 2 and then his Geo piece, which may not be available for another 18 months, so his Phase 1 start date may have to be delayed.

    For the REME Tech that you refer to, the length of the course and the course frequency is more relevant to when he can start his Phase 1.

    It is not simple and the complexity of it is quite eye-watering. That is why there is a WO1 who works it out on a daily basis for the whole of ARTD.
  15. :wink: TRUE!!!!!!!!!! :lol: