Are Tech's worthy Soldier's in the Corps?

:D ;)
Are they worth their weight in the money they earn or what?

Or are they a total waste of time. ie A bunch of No-hopers?



In my Unit 8 techs and 1 RLC wiped the board on

Techs  OK ex fill 3 of 4 SSM slots
1 of 2 RQMS slots

Top 2 of Regt cadre Cse

Techs are in Regt Rugby , F'ball and Ath/XC etc

OK we have the odd w****r but what trade doesn't

In any head to head i would put forward any of my boys against the best of any one else

With Age will come EXPERIENCE no one else gets it over night give them a chance
Techs may be worth the money, but not the rank they are given.  They should earn that like everyone else.


Techs are worthy squaddies just the same as any other trade in the Corps.
All the trades are required in our field to do what we are employed to do.
Yes there's w*****s within the trade, what trade doesn't have them.
However it seems amplified in the techs due to their quick promotion which they are not always ready for.
They should be promoted on their own merits via a board as every other trade within the corps. If the Gurkha Sigs can do it why can't we.
On a majority of career courses techs come in the top portion anyway so wouldn't be hard to implement.
I am a tech and think it should be this way. See we ain't all w*****s.
although now infantry, tech-baiting never fails to humour me.  Possibly a sad indictment of where my life is now, but hey!!

Who am i?  ???
here's a wee clue or two:
lancejack upon leaving training;
full screw a year or so after that;
lots of jumped up, baby-faced JNCO's with less military experience than yer average ACF cadet Sergeant........

hmmmm, are you Military Policemen in disguise?!!


I entered this on the "Sparkly Teeth" thread but will repeat it here:

I never heard complaints about Tech promotion when the duties lists were posted.  Other trades seemed to be perfectly happy to accept Techs as JNCO's then.

Basically, you cannot pick and choose your occasions to accept / unaccept fast track promotion.  Right or wrong (and I actually believe it to be wrong despite my background) it is here and has been for a long time.

Perhaps (and here's a novel idea) you other trades could actually carry out some mentoring to ensure that Techs come up to the mark as JNCO's and don't embarass you and your earned promotions.  After all, despite the slagging and banter, we are all on the same side and a Units reputation sinks or swims as a collective all.

At the end of the day, a tech is as much a victim of early promotion as you are of not getting it and who, as a sprog, would actually have the guts to refuse to wear the rank?
Tech promotion is one of the most boring and tedious arguments going now.  The reason for early promotion was to increase Tech pay to try and attract people into the trades (or so I've been led to believe).  Instead of bleeting about it come up with some better alternatives for paying techs more but not promoting them.  I've heard a few schemes in my time but none ever came to fruition (and if you think the £10k payments are working, look at the numbers on recent FofS selection boards!!!)

I expect the next thread on this sight will be the venerable old "Techs have brains but no common sense"  :mad:

Grow out of the old gripes and either invent some new ones or shut-up  :-X
Techs/  can't live with em , can't live without them.

They are undoubtedly intelligent and technically competent.  But experience of life, the army and their fellow men??

( Hmm sounds familiar..... Boss?)

perhaps we should take a leaf from the Norwegian forces and make all tech's oficers?


They are undoubtedly intelligent and technically competent.  But experience of life, the army and their fellow men??
If this means that Techs have no experience of life, the Army and their fellow men and have to wear rank that infers they do, then to a certain extent, I agree.

A young person straight from school/college certainly fits the bill but I have met many "Late Starters" in terms of age who have joined the Army in all trades.  Does this sweeping statement apply to them ?(o.k the bit about the Army does).

If, however, this is some kind of inference that a tech must have had some sort of isolated upbringing and not had the kind of life experiences that others tradesman have had then it is a pile of misguided, totally naïve Cr*p.  Intelligence and technical competence are "built in" qualities in much the same way as some people can do wood work whilst others (me included) could n't if our lives depended on it  :p

Subsonic, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don't think Techs were somehow selected at birth and brought up in isolation from the rest of the population.
I can understand fozzywozzy's comments about other trades trying to educate tech jnco's but has anyone tried doing it??
Being a liney, I'm meant to hate the ground tech's walk on, however....I don't a lot of the techs i know and have worked with a great blokes, unfortunetly there is a minority that lets them down with they're F@@k you I'm a lance jack attitudes, these are the guys that make techs easy target's


Nice one MancRed, we all know that techs have the brains to do everyone's jobs.  
It's all rather boring hearing the same old whinges and gripes.  When we joined up, we all had the same opportunity to be a tech, no-one forced anyone to be a powerman or a handbag.  If you could not get the required scores on the entrance tests then you should have probably concentrated at school more ;)

Yes there are some techs that gives the whole trade a bad name but as has been said, there are people like that in every trade.  What needs to be instilled in the sprogs is the old adage 'just because you have a tape doesn't mean you are not still a worthless sprog'.  In my day, baby techs were told in training that you were still the lowest of the low.  You got to your first working unit and you kept your head down and did you job to the best of your ability.  That's how you gain respect.
tut tut obviously by your comments and username you are a failed tech and at the time when all your mates were going to Blandford to do there Foremans course you instead decided to steal another job from us operators, RD roster or perhaps IS supervisor.
Either way a shortcut to rank and responsibility you neither deserve or can handle.
;D ;D
In answer to the original post NO :'(
cry it up whingeing snivelling slack jawed man bitches!
I think the trade structure of our glorious corps is an excellent second chance for a lot of people. I am convinced that what happened to me has happened to so many other people.
There I was aged 15 doing well and thinking about A-levels and possibly university when our lord blessed the evil harlots in my age group with mature shapely bodies. These young slappers then immediately used these god given gifts to tempt young boys away from there academic studies as part of there feminist struggle for supremacy that there mothers brain washed them with. The amount you were lead away from the righteous path by the evil in all women’s minds dictates your trade now. They are all laughing now and comparing notes about how many men they stopped getting on in life. Soon they will know my vengeance join with me I will have them all mothers’ daughters the whole satanic herd.
Basically give techs a break they dident get laid alot at school.
Can someone help me out here I have been a LCpl for a year now surely I should get my second like the 19 year olds below have just have.
Can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong and why hasnt the tape fairy visited me I put my rank slide under my pillow every night but still the fairy doesnt come. :p


Well done scat_or_scrat, just today i witnessed the tape fairy giving a well deserved tape to a moaning tech. The individual only the otherday said that they had been quailified for a whole four months, to which I gave my response "tell someone who gives a F**k" as I was only qualified for the last four years, does that mean I am owed about four years back pay. Sit on a board that you have to fight for your promotion not just get it. :eek:
Mmmmh. Yes tech's who after completion of their detty's winge and moan because its been weeks since they got qualified and they are not yet in the mess. Why not do like a paragliding tech in NI did when he was in Germany and just bang on your third tape the first day back at work after your course. It worked for him.


i want to add to this debate, im sick to death of failed tech´s jumping on the RD roster and taking up all the slots just cause they cannot be bothered to take their foremans course  :mad:
f*** they wind me up !!


I have to say that going FofS is not for everyone.  You can be a very good tech but not have the inclination of the ability to be a FofS.

The only option then is to go RD.  On the RD roster admitedly there are a lot of good guys going for limited places.  The fact that the majority of SSMs, RQMS, RSMs etc are ex techs just reinforces the argument that the majority of techs are better soldiers than all other trades.  If this were not true then they would not be promoted into these positions would they?

The fact that the majority of SSMs, RQMS, RSMs etc are ex techs just reinforces the argument that the majority of techs are better soldiers than all other trades.  If this were not true then they would not be promoted into these positions would they?

What a load of crap.  I don't know which Royal Signals you are in, but the current figure of tech SSM's/RSM's is a lot lower than any other trade.


I wouldn't worry about Tech's promotion, you can't do nothing about it!!
it is the combat Athelete that gets promoted because they play fotball/rugby etc for Corps  or whatever and lo and behold 2 months later they go up a rank, and least Tech's are time and qualification promoted not just they have a nice tracksuit with loads of time off...

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