Are squaddies really bad at finances?

So are us squaddies worse than civvi's at personal finance? I know a bird who works in a bank who advised me to just say that I am an MOD employee, never say soldier or HM Forces as we have a bad name for not coughing up money we owe.

If I think back, I can often remember some NIG selling a 3 month old car for 30% of its value due to him being totally skint, the fact that he had only made 2 payments out of 48 to Knuckles Loansharks of Hohne did not seem to be an issue.

The other day I asked somebody what the APR was on his car loan and got a totally blank stare - on checking he was paying nearly 13% more than the highstreet banks!

What do you say F_S, are we a "bad lot"?!!