Are squaddies in more debt than civvies ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CSMA_CD, Apr 12, 2003.

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  1. Do you think that squaddies run up more debt, or are in more debt than our illustrious civilian counterparts ? I have seen quite a few that are in the pooo.......have you lot out there......or maybe you are one..........let me know................ta
  2. Wouldn't be in debt if this comes into effect....... ;)
  3. I got a good det out to Belize once!!!!
  4. considering your average 30 something staffie or wo2 has nothing to show for his life other than a second hand bmw a rented house that looks like a sotat  trg area and a 20 stone wife iwould say he is in less debt than his strawberry mivvi counterpart who has a mortgage home improvement loan life etc..........
  5. Its like everything else in life.

    You get some squaddies who are up to thier eyeballs in debt and some civvies that are up to thier eyeballs in debt.
  6. Then theres me.....up to my eyeballs in women!!! ;D :D ;D
  7. LOL.

    I,m up to my eyeballs in men ;D ;D ;D

    But it's our own fault ;)
  8. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Careful!...................They're the ones who cause the debt. ::)
  9. If you believe stats, we British live approximately 20% above our yearly net income.

    If that is true then you squaddies can't be in more debt than civvies as they don't pay you enough!!
  10. I lived in my overdraft in the Army and I live in my Overdraft now......It's just a bigger Overdraft now :-[
  11. I say three cheers for squaddies in the red.

    Some of my finest purchases in the army were from guys who had bigger debts than Arthur Fowler.

    You know the script, they buy a telly bigger than their room on the first of the month, and sell it you for forty quid on the 25th, just because theres a troop do on.

    God bless em.

    Mind you. I also managed to piss away £3500 insurance money in six weeks in 1990. All I had to show for it was a Minos Bar t-shirt and a throbbing pain in my kidneys.
  12. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Once got a DM3000 loan to buy a car - after 48 hrs on the piss in Hamburg I had DM20 left. :-[
  13. 3 grand saved from an NI tour,  blasted away in less than a month.

    4 Grand saved in Kos tour, pissed away in 2 months.

    I wonder if I'll ever learn.....

    Getting back to the question:  Most squaddies in debt are young and do not realise the value of money.  Credit loan company's are always more than willing to lend cash to soldiers bacause if they miss the repayments the loan company's just go straight to the CO.  The cash gets taken out of the soldiers pay and he is on OC's orders and gets Restrictions for seven days.  The load company's always get their cash.  They know it and they take full advantage of young squaddies.
  14. I reckon I have had more debts as a civvie that I ever did as a squaddie.

    Difference is, as a civvie you can ignore them right up to the day they want to take you to court ;D
  15. I don't think that this is legal anymore - certainly in my last 3 units, the Adjt has informed the individual that a letter has been received but was unable to take any further action.

    Any SPS bods willing to comment?