Are Squaddies heavier than civvies......

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by headgear, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. On the BBC news last night they were talking about obesity and that the average man in the UK is 5'9" who's weight should be 11 stone up to a max of 13stone-ish, over that you re medically obese.

    Now as someone who s into his 22nd year of service and keeps fit etc I don't think that scale fits squaddies - I remember when I joined up in Juniors and my neck, chest and shoulders expanded considerably with all the phys and I've never been able to drop back to the civvy styled weight charts since - no matter what deployment s or phys regime I do - although OP GRANBY was an extreme diet for me- fking skimpy rations QM got an MBE!

    My worry is that with so many civvy doctors in med centres these days are they going to mark us all down as medically obese? I'm 15 stone ish and fit with a 'thick-ish' middle but certainly not obese - I can even see my tadger if I look down and thats a hard target to spot believe me!!

    Is it just me who thinks the weight charts should have a seperate squaddie section or am I just a fat bastard?
  2. Guessing the same goes with rugby players not fitting the Bmi, muscle heavier than fat etc. Also, i think there is a difference between a 15 stone squaddie who has done phys every day for nigh on 15 years and a 15 stone civvy sitting behind a desk for nigh on 15 years!
  3. BMI doesn't fit if you train.

    You are more likely to be muscular and fit if you train, compared to someone who sits down and munches on sweets and crap.

    I think if you compare BMI to waist size, that often helps to regulate the stats, since people who train traditionally have a smaller waist and have more weight in their upper and lower body then midrift.
  4. BMI as a guideline is pretty poor but easy to apply. I am 19 stone under 6ft tall and have a BMI of 37 (obese) but body fat of 14%, towards the lower end of healthy for my age.
  5. There is a more accurate BMI type test that includes Body Fat % and Waist size, its name escapes me.

    It is just more difficult to do because of the extra measurements so BMI is used, but as said above, is often inaccurate if you train for almost any sport.

    Many Long distance runners are dangerously underweight and all the rowers/rugby players are obese!

    With regards to the OP, the army uses slightly different values for the weight ranges on the BMI chart.
  6. when i did selection they faield someone ofr being a couple of pounds overweight i am assuming this was by using bmi.... the guy was just built like a brick shit house not that much fat on him at all yet there was lads with less muscle and probably much more fat to muscle compared pass? this to me didnt make sense as he had to wait to do selection again! kind of silly if you ask me as the safe amount of weight to lose a week is literally a couple of pounds isnt it??
  7. He should have lied about his height that's what I did.
  8. Bloody hell mate, your a fscking monster!
  9. only problem is they measure you and everything though dont they?

    even one of the nurses said normally they'd let that slip but that the doctor must of been in a bad mood that day...load of arrse if you ask me 8O
  10. Imagine being Wahed with a spike milligan joke. Sorry you don't have too :roll:
  11. I'm under 6ft, 18 stone, and don't have any problems with the PFT or CFT. I always get freaked out when you see a 15 stone bird on TV and she looks like a fucking whale.