Are Southerners shandy drinking poofters?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. In order to further enhance the geographical polarisation of this site I have decided to get your views on the effete individuals who live saarf of the Watford gap. Are they Southern Jessies or not?
  2. Yes yes and yes, and waiting on the poll to vote yes.
  3. NO, they're rock hard bar-stewards who get all the chicks!...northern jealousy!
  4. Yes, yes, thrice yes! They say it's grim up North, have you seen Eastenders? Good God, if they weren't all shandy drinkers, they'd all be alcoholics!
  5. Dont know what you Northern girlies are drinking now but this is what real men down south drink.

    Speight's GMA

    Bloody girls, the lot of ya :)
  6. Funny really, if you drink a pint of John Smiths in London then you'll actually get more alcohol than in the same pint up North. Why? Because up North they take some of the beer and force it with air through a sparkler. This means that a small amount of beer frothed up with air takes the place of a neat bitter in a Southern pint.

    I've often wondered why it is that the Pikey Yorkshire folk will accept a pint that's got a one inch filter on it as part of that pint. At least Down Sarf you get a full pint of alcoholic liquid.

    I used to love going to Challenge Cup Finals at Wembley and seeing all the Northerners in The Globe absolutely shitfaced because their drug of choice is so much purer in London so, really it should be shandy swilling Northerners.
  7. Although all of that is irrelevant when Southern bottom touching wankers put half a pint of R Whites' finest into their 'purer' beer.
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  8. Except I've never seen that happen although you see a lot of Northern Monkeys with a lager and lime. What the fucks that all about?
  9. Of course they are. There beer is pish water, their water has been recycled 14 times along the way. So yes they definately are.
  10. More to the point, are Northerners a bunch of jealous, flat cap wearing, pigeon fondling, whippet shaggers?
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  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I voted yes, of course. however, I did so on the quite understandable assumption that you all realise that I am not voting about those south of the Watford Gap, but those south of Berwick upon Tweed (which is really Scottish and has just been left as an enclave into the heathen lands.)

    Happy New Year to all (even the Shandy Drinking Southern Poofters! :) )

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  12. Real men (Yorkshiremen) make a pilgramige to the holy land (Masham) on a year basis.
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  13. Nah, they're a bunch of inbred, sister fondling, sheep loving throw backs with a bag of spuds on both shoulders but, I hear what you're saying.
  14. That's because we are a lot tougher than you southern types who can only handle a chip on each shoulder. :)
  15. [​IMG]

    Two pints of fizzy please guv.
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