Are smokers the new social lepers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sallyanne09, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Apologies if already posted elseweher (MODs please feel free to delete/move as needed)

    Yes, I know it's from the Daily Heil but a fairly interesting read, especially the comments.

    Having stopped smoking a few years back I am neither pro or anti smoking but do feel that in some cases the anti's to tend to go a bit ott on occassion, wafting their hands about in an very exaggerated fashion and cough cough coughing because the faintest pouff of cigarette smoke whafted near them.

    Anti-smoking campaigns turn those who light up 'into lepers' warns Department of Health adviser | Mail Online
  2. 'It said smokers have come to be seen as disgusting and dirty and are increasingly becoming regarded as outcasts'

    It really irritates me that society says its ok to insult smokers for their habit but it's still socially unacceptable to call an overweight person 'fat'

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  3. I'll bring up the usual one of the smoking ban has hammered the Pub trade
  4. Driving has been priced out of most teenagers pockets
    Young teens can't look cool on a motorbike anymore - they have to ride a 50cc moped
    Smoking is banned just about everywhere
    Whenever a group of young people get together for a party it's called binge drinking and frowned upon
    Everytime a fun legal drug is invented - they go and make it illegal
    Plying a girl with alcohol until she passes out then shagging her is called rape

    Just where has all the fun in life gone?
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  5. What if you are overweight and smoke? Disgusting, dirty and fat.

    sent from my sony android gucci thing using sausage fingers and dyslexiacheckspell
  6. thought a picture might be appropriate so I googled "Disgusting, dirty and fat"...... oh God my eyes, my eyes.........
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  7. I need to quit smoking (again). Best part about not smoking is I get to be a smoke nazi. Not like I need an excuse to be an ********.
  8. I think leper is a too strong word for the ashtray smelling, yellow fingered, halitosis cancer ridden vermin as long as they keep there 50 metre exclusion zone there fine by me.
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  9. To be fair they are all that without the smoking. Smoking is personal choice, being someone who has never smoked (and never seen the point) I couldn't careless if you smoked or not, it is your choice. But like people who drink too much or are overweight, don't complain that the NHS doesn't do enough for you, your choice you live with it. Want to be less of a strain on the NHS, quit drinking, smoking and stop eating so much.
  10. Smoking is cool as ****. You non-smokers don't have the necessary constitution to handle smoking, you weak bodies.
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  11. Excellent I won't bother quitting then.
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  12. The worse thing is it's like kissing an ashtray.
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  13. So you don't really drink or smoke, are you a carb farmer? If you don't partake in any of the above you are uncool and aren't really living.
  14. Never have smoked never seen the point, I drink but not like I used to just winds me up when people say well the NHS isn't doing this or isn't doing that to help my angina/heart disease/liver disease/type 2 diabetes when the best way is to help yourself and cut down or stop what is causing it. The amount of people you see outside hospitals who are overweight with oxygen in wheelchairs smoking their heads off is ridiculous.
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  15. I'd counter that with it may not have helped but the huge cost of beer in pubs is the real culprit for the pub trades woes.
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