Are SKY cards Legal?

I need to transfer the address from my address in the UK for my SKY card. Are they legal in Germany yet?

How do the Messes get round it.

Need help otherwise im banished to BFBS forever
Nah, that happened to a mate of mine about 2 years ago. They let him transfer his address to a BFPO No. then about 3 months later he got a aletter saying he was not resident in the UK and he got switched off.

He had to tell them he moved back to the UK to get it switched on again.
You will have to close your account in the uk and re-open one in BFG. If it is for your sole use, you will not have a problem. If it for a wider audience (a mess for example) you will run into difficulties!!
If I were to suggest that you transfer the address to, say, your parents or other friends in the UK, then that might be naughty. But it might mean that you still get Sky, you're still paying and the address is still in the UK.
But that might not be proper. So you might not want to do it.

You ain't seen me - roit?
Yeah might I say that, that is what I could be douíng at the moment. Unfortunatly my Parents are leaving the UK in 4 months and unfortunatly everyone else I know and trust already have a SKY dish.

Anyone else know a way round it, or if anyone has their sky registered at their BFPO address and not been cut off?
If you have to put up with BFBS television, think yourself lucky. I have to put up with the AFN (American brain washing channels). Shite TV eat you heart out. You get more 'adverts' than TV and they are all of the government type.

We get no decent sports, it all that padded girlie stuff from across the pond and cars that go round and round in circles.


If your mates already have sky it is perfectly OK for them to get a second card. That is probably your best option. Either that or get it via your parents address and just don't cough to sky when they move!

Good luck!

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