Are RMR really a better standard then Reg. Infantry?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by geoffgb, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Found this the other day on a Royal Marines MOD website concerning the RMR:

    "On completion of the course we were trained to the equivalent level of an army trained soldier, but we knew that if we wanted to join the Royal Marines and earn our green berets, then we had a further 6 months of hard slog ahead of us. "

    to see in full go to www.royalmarines.mod.u...-jones.php

    Can this be really true? that a part time green lidded marine is at a better combat standard than say a full time infanteer from the Mercian Regiment??

    Its obvious that a full time RM is of a higher standard than line infantry due to their greater recruit training period and higher fitness levels, but surely a reservist who acheives his green beret still cannot be of a better standard that a normal infantry soldier, can he??

    thanks for your help
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's a silly comparison. RM Commandos are specialist amphibious light infantry and they're very good at it, but it's a different role to the army's infantry. As a general point, RM commando personnel are well motivated and physically fit - like Paras - but it doesn't necessarily make them 'better' at the core skills and they would be completely 'at sea' (ho ho) in the mech or armoured role. It's a bit like saying that the REME are better than the RE: they do different things.
  3. Compare them to a light role infantry battlion??
  4. Not comparable. Anyway, unless things have changed, in general terms I would put my money on an experienced regular inf section when it comes to core inf skills - and that includes a tab across the Moor (having done it with both - its the NCOs that make the difference, you see :D ).

    Nothing against the RMR, good lads, but its just recruiting license. Full marks to them, though.
  5. Well its a slightly different angle on the whose best arguement

    My thought is you can train most soldiers up to whatever level you require, all you require is time, a big budget and no interruptions
  6. The quote you have used is from a rubber dagger who hasn't even finished training!

    I know which one I'd prefer in a slit trench next to me.
  7. Apart from the RAF reg and matelots
  8. At the risk of incurring the wrath of the airborne fraternity, could you not argue the same re Para TA and reg inf?
  9. Not just that. There are other factors such as leadership etc. I have worked with all 3 Cdos in NI over the years. Two were very good, one was crap. This had everything to do with the CO at the time who was, IMHO, a numpty. The same goes for all units. A good CO with a strong team of Coy Comds and WOs/SNCOs will create a good battalion and vice versa.
  10. i can perhaps see this statement has some bone to it, having just watched ross kemp with 2 r,anglians. however in my experience i believe the latter will prove this statement wrong as the episodes progress.
  11. Having worked with both rubber daggers in Iraq and Regular INF in N.Ireland, I personally found both had their own equal share of mongoloid, bone idle, useless, Neanderthalic ( I know thats not even a word, more of a descriptive) cnuts.
    That said both had some excellent guys, it's horses for courses.

  12. Worked with Royal quite a bit and on the whole very professional guys, however they do sometimes believe thier own recruiting gumf, one lad was telling me how, during basic training, they fought against an experienced Highlander Company. He remarked at how good and squared away they were and he was impressed. It was supposed to be a complement, but this was coming from a recruit (at the time) with a handfull of weeks experience under their belt talking about seasoned veterans.
  13. Theres a clip on frontline commando, where there's some disturbed earth discovered in one of the scenes, a marines like " I think this is definately a weapons system", well no shit sherlock! it had 81mm LS54A1 written on it for gods sake.
  14. Couldnt resist having a pop at this
    Notwithstanding the origonal quote is from some half wit recruit who probably never even made it through training !!
    i think the basic question is flawed , if you have a regular inf batallion just back from a six monther then i would argue they would be as swept up and stack up to anything/anywhere however some basic facts regarding the RMR/ RMR training
    1. a high percentage of RMR are ex regular RM , Not sure what the exact numbers are however at Notts there are only two ranks who are not ex RM
    2. RMR basic training can be completed in just over 1 year ( no less ) after which the recruit is awarded the Green Beret. He then has at least a further six months to complete continuation including FFX , Amphib and Mountain packages only at this point is he deployable.
    3. RMR recruits have to pass exactly the same tests as a regular recruit , times and standards are not reduced in any way.
    4. The "One Army" concept was emraced by the RM many years ago and although we do not use the phrase "One Corps " RMR ranks are trained to integrate seamlessly with their regular counterparts as demonstrated by the RMR mobilisation for Telic 1 ,first through Chilwell 100% turn out , no appeals and no medical failures. 40 Cdo RMs recent tour on Herrick the unit was augmented by over 90 RMR ranks who all integrated seamlessly into their various roles HW MFC GD RO S3 etc etc , many being nominated for awards including L/Cpl Croucher an RO from Birdet who has been discussed at length on ARRSE.
    there will always be skill fade of reservist ranks who are in between ops / on standdown as with any regular and you will obviously have your own opinions,
    mine for what its worth an RMR rank is at least comparable to regular inf.
    i am standing by for the incoming
    push hard ! harder !! harder yet !!!
  15. Yeah but how long has Notts been up and running? They were only recruiting Ex-RM up till about 6 weeks ago, and they have very little promotion budget for the new det.

    An even then, you only have to do CTC once, so someone could be out for a quite a few years before going rubber dagger, and such have a low fitness level....

    But anyway personally i think there's just too many factors. The difference between regiments is huge depending all the factors mentioned above; recent deployments, ruperts, role, history. And no two RMR's are the same, they're trained in different locations, some for years, some for 18months. It's just not a possible comparrison - apples and oranges.