Are RMR really a better standard then Reg. Infantry?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by geoffgb, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Found this the other day on a Royal Marines MOD website concerning the RMR:

    "On completion of the course we were trained to the equivalent level of an army trained soldier, but we knew that if we wanted to join the Royal Marines and earn our green berets, then we had a further 6 months of hard slog ahead of us. "

    to see in full go to

    Can this be really true? that a part time green lidded marine is at a better combat standard than say a full time infanteer from the Mercian Regiment??

    Its obvious that a full time RM is of a higher standard than line infantry due to their greater recruit training period and higher fitness levels, but surely a reservist who acheives his green beret still cannot be of a better standard that a normal infantry soldier, can he??

    thanks for your help

  2. Been discussed mate, At the end even the regs are trained so a same level of infantry skills etc its just the bootie's train diffrently and for diffrent things, i.e amphibious landings, hanging off an Apache to grab your mate etc
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The RMR do the same Green Beret course as the Regular RM. Whether they keep it up afterwards, of course, is a different matter. No different than at any other Unit, I would imagine - but these chaps are very very motivated men indeed.

    The role of the RMR is to act as BCRs - Battle Casualty Replacements - for the RM, in other words to make the numbers up, and they do that very well indeed. There are over 70 now serving with the 40Cdo BG on HERRICK, and they did the full whack of pre-deployment training. They are now on the front line, and totally indistinguishable from the RM.
  4. I know they train for different things etc, but I mean just a generic fieldcraft/combat perspective, are the RMR really a higher standard than Reg. Infantry? Take Afghanistan as the theatre for operations for example. Would RMR do a better overall job than reg. Infantry?

  5. Haha. Who told you that?

    Just because they are tested to a higher level doesn't mean that they are at a higher level.

    I'll be sure to pass that on to the lads coming back from Afghan that because a Royal has to do a 30 miler in Dartmoor he's a better soldier than an 18 year old who's just done one in Helmand.

    Stick to Airsoft mate.
  6. Whatever training they have done. They still only do it some weekends and Tuesdays.

    Alot of them have been on tours and I imagine have done as well as The TA has on the whole. However to imply that they are better than line infantry regiments is just being silly and sounds like a conversation you had in The Air Cadets.
  8. I was told by a RMR officer at the London location that alot of Ex-Army guy's join RMR and find the Commando course no problem at all. Other than that it's business as usual. So your comment is pants :D
  9. I was on a TA javelin course with 2 full screw rmr and would not have rated them any better than some of my blokes.
  10. My EME told me that REME was the finest Corps in any army in the world................................still he would wouldn't he. The problems start when they believe it.
  11. Simple answer:
    No the RMR are not even in the same league as the regular infantry.
    The RMR are comparable to TA infantry. As they do a similar amount of training, they are of a similar standard. RMR are very good, but so are TA inf. The whole concept of RMR being as good as reg inf is absolute boll ocks. I don't believe 21 and 23 SAS are as capable as regular infantry at conventional warfighting and I'm TA myself nowadays (not SAS, I'll add however I have done AACC)
  12. Geoffgb, You asked this on RR. Pick up the phone and go and do it. After Afghanistan 42 spent their Autumn in the Himalayas on vertical assault training on mountains over 5,500m for the purpose of demonstrating to Indian paras that "there is nowhere commandos cannot reach". I hear they had some RMR bods with them. That's what cdo units like to do when they're not on ops. (see RM website for further details).
  13. Geoffgb, One more thing. In my experience bootnecks have always got on well with the perc units they have worked with. RM training is second to none and its recruits are designated op ready as soon as they pass out. However, they are also taught to act with humility and to remember that their training never stops and to look, listen and learn. One thing CTC does not encourage in recruits is gobbing off about how good they are. I'm sure some of the armoured recce lads on here will back me up on this, esp those who fought alongside RM on the assault on the Faw Peninsula where respect went both ways. I hear also that Royal has earnt the respect of units out in the Stan.

    In conclusion, it's time to put up or ... pick up the phone.

    PS Me and Wet-Blobby will come to your passing out parade :)
  14. IM sure my mate whos a doorman down exeter would disagree with marine recruits not gobbing off. Funny thing all they ever tend to say is " fcuking paras your all on steriods" haha Also ref marines being any better than line infantry thats balls! worked with the blokes on herrick now back when they did optag and they were poor, didnt even have enough time to take the village at the end of the ex after we gave them about 7hours! Plus i hope the marine who shouted grenade then lobbed it into my little room in that village without pulling the pin has had retraining tut tut
  15. Have you not heard of the concept of grenade green or grenade red? Go back to Brecon and they'll teach you.

    Shouting grenade and throwing something into the room that makes a noise generally gets peoples heads down whether you have pulled the pin or not. You might try this when the walls are a bit thin or you are trying to clear an attic and want to gain that moments pause before sticking your head up into a hail of bullets.

    Just like to point out that the original quote actually said "to an equivalent standard" and not better.

    Having worked with both regular, TA, RM and RMR I think they all do a great job and we should be proud of them all.

    Having passed the AACC and being a infanteer I can say that in general the fitness levels required to be both are pretty similar.

    Just my penneth or two.