Are Radio Operators Really Better Than Drivers???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by wallsyboy76, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. In a word...Yes. Bloody flatliners. he he
  2. Oh dear. I thought wan***s were a dying breed amongst rad ops.
  3. No, no, nooo; it's a prerequisite. What do you think they get up to out the back of the ops tent on those dark and lonely nights?
  4. A rad op is second only to god and even then god says please if he wants good comms.

    All should bow to the flags of excellence.

    As for the dark lonely nights in the ops tent, I don't know about now but when I was in green about a third of the troop was female, do the math.

    Of course that could just mean that it takes two rad ops to satisfy one female but I prefer to believe that rad ops are just inherently plain gorgeous.

    Stupidity over now, thank you
  5. Rad Op and good comms, now theres a contradition in terms.
  6. If you're so bloody good why do you always end up back in MT at some point handing out worktickets...

    You are never this brave on the vehicle park I have noticed.

    In any case you are not a patch on Movers or ATs :D it is also because of your trade that some of my guys do not get higher band!
  7. Never have I seen so much fear over the word BOWMAN either - most of your lot (Sad-Ops) are hiding under cam netting in the store over this... :monkey:
  8. Is there really a trade devoted to some bloke using a radio of sorts? The mind boggles...... :)
  9. You should be asking 'is there really a trade devoted to some bloke driving?'

    Waste of fecking resources having such a narrow skill set, after all most of us can drive and still perform other duties.
  10. Of course you would be able to do this tactically and also drive dangerous goods etc and any number of other things covered within this category - without a trade framework you would stilll be able to spend the time necessary to do all this and learn transport management for later on in your career (for within the military - i.e when promoted byond Cpl) etc...

    Haved a word with yourself Dingerr :roll:
  11. Drive tactically - YES

    Drive dangerous goods - YES

    Oversee the management of an MT - YES

    And i think you will find that there are many other arms out there who already have one skillset (Inf, RE, RAC, RA) who quite easily take on these skills as well as doing their day job.

    So I had a word with myself and found myself to be quite accurate in this view.
  12. Wow! This is fantastic news - I can tell all the drivers they are not needed anymore then... Who, pray, is going to replace them though and what will they be called?

    Shall we call them Logisticians? If so aside from driving what else are they going to do? You offer up the fact that they are not needed but have not given us the benefit of the alternative yet...
  13. Well I heard that if you had been circumcised you automatically failed rad op selection.
  14. Ignore Dingerr, he is such a cnut.
  15. Being a Radio Op in the real Corps (Royal Signals) not some hotch potch Corps, whilst I was in iraq there was aleast 3 incidents of RLC drops drivers who flattened their rifles with said vehicle. In my mind RLC = Restricted Learning Capabilties.