Are QRL up to the job of RECCE??????

They can't do any worse than the regiments doing it already.

The QM of 9/12 is a QRL geezer so at least he knows what Recce is like.

Lets face it, it's just about getting decent training for the role isn't it. You aren't selected for Recce, you got the same score on your entrance exam as a CR2 crewman.....
I know the QM is a QRL I've worked with him, doesn't mean to say he understands what Recce is all about, after all some of the 9/12L have done recce for all their careers (20+yrs in some cases).

I get your point about training, but training doesn't necessary give you the skills or the experience to be a good Recce Car Comd. I'm sure people out there wil disagree but don't forget 9/12L did a stint at Warminster as the Demo Sqn, imagine the combination of Recce skills coupled up with the Comd & firepower of a Chally and thats a recipe for Recce through firepower!!!
The training should give them the basic skills of Recce, otherwise the training is pointless. Experience will come with Exercises and Ops.

Just because a unit is in a job for 20 odd years doesn't mean they're good at it. The thing that makes them good is the ability to evolve in the job as the job changes.

I'm sure QRL will bring a few new tricks to the Recce party...

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