are push ups and pull ups enough to increase muscular endurance?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by afartinthefog, Aug 29, 2013.

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  1. Hello I am currently training my muscular endurance for my upper body. I'm wondering if doing max reps of push ups, max reps of pull ups and finally max reps of chin ups (20 seconds rest in between sets) is enough to train me.

    I am planning on doing this everyday.

    Any help is welcome, thank you.
  2. What are you planing on doing it for?

    It'll certainly help if the object is to be able to do lots of pull ups, chin ups and press ups.

    Otherwise you might want to throw in a bit more variety, with a tougher programme less frequently.
  3. combine it with jogging few miles, try P90X as a routine as well if you want a workout
  4. Swim
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  5. I am looking to be able to do more reps for each exercise. However I am hoping that this will also make my muscles look a bit more bulky (not "big" but bigger than I am atm).
  6. In work so cant Youtube, but look up P90X, maybe want you want
  7. Don't train every day you will hit a peak and get injured. Try doing some weight training and incorporate press ups in to a chest day etc. No point looking like a skinny gimp, because the army seems to be full of whimpy looking mother fcukers.
  8. Stronglifts 5x5, have a google.
  9. Here's some ideas.

    He makes them look easy.

    You'll probably cry.
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  10. SPIDER38

    SPIDER38 On ROPs

    i do a half hour routine every night in my garage first press ups followed by dips chin ups sit ups i then do a series of squats with two sandbags tied together then i skip for five minutes then to finish it of i whack a punch bag for five minutes non stop this last one is the best of the lot i highly recommend it for building stamina [i would avoid drinking water during a workout as well as this leads to stomach cramp] only builds so much muscle but it will leave you as fit as **** ups,chin ups dips punch bag and skip, try it nonstop for fifteen mins a night.

    aparently mike tyson used a similar routine in that he says he never used weights,i cant see it however mind you his book alledgedly says he used cocaine so i'd be interested if he also says if he used steriods probable not though all steak dinners i'am sure.
  11. That guy is stong. Is there a vid for his chin exercises? (I fuckng hate burpees!).
  12. Pretty sure that sandbags are weights!

    But using them is a good idea - always helps to practice carrying different things when you're aiming for functional fitness.
  13. He's a ******* Terminator. Try looking on the channel, there might be one.

    Here's the beginner version of the above. I know it looks piss easy (kneeling press ups?) but I'll bet its tougher that it looks. Remember that Mr Machine makes backflip burpees look a piece of piss.

  14. Would these be the same 'whimpy [sic] looking mother fcukers' who are always 'shit with weight on?'

    Posted because everybody MUST have my opinion inflicted upon them.