Are PT-03 Trainers any good?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by VerminWA, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. I'm in the market for some new runners and I keep seeing the advert for the UK Gear PT-03's, before I spend £79.90 of my hard earn't cash, are they any good?
  2. I have found them to be quite good. I got mine from the Army Benevolent Fund for a lot less money.
  3. I also picked mine up from the Army Benevolent Fund for £30 and I love them, they’re very comfortable.

    I wouldn’t pay £80 for them though, no running shoe is worth that much.
  4. Cheers guys! I'll look them up, if I really make a £50 saving I shall donate a propotion of that saving to the ABF!
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    The PT-03 is okay, but lacks the cushioning for long distance road running and is deffo overpriced at £80 a throw, sorry guys.

    Also Goku you barsteward I followed the Paris Hilton link, and yes, I did turn up the volume...barsteward !!!

    had to laugh though.....just glad I don't work on the floor plate with the lowing herd.....[​IMG]

    Le Chevre
  6. The PT-03 is a nice trainer- Good looking and comfortable.
    BUT They come up very small so go for at least a half size and maybe a whole size larger than you normally need.
  7. To confirm about the ABF - it was found that they were selling them at the incorrect price and all stock was withdrawn. No longer available via this means and they will now cost full price, circa £79.99.

    I also got mine from the ABF by the way and it is the only way I would have a pair. £80 my arrse!!
  8. I do a bit of running so was interested when this trainer came out. Had a look at a pair on a course and wsnt really that impressed , for the same price I could have a pair of nb's or sauconys . Has anyone seen the RAF offering yet , chav trainers or what
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    i'm looking to replace my New Balance trainers with another pair from the same company - they work for me.
    The PT-03 isn't in the same class.
  10. I went from 764 to 766

  11. :lol: Brilliant!!!!!

    I was wondering how long it would take to catch one of you with that!!! :D
  12. Got a pair of PT-03 just the other day from the PRI for £42, as that's about the max, I would pay for any trainers, I'll give them a go. Agree with the other posters about the size, ended up getting a size larger than usual and that was just to feel comfortable. Have done a few runs and so far I think they are about the same as all the others, but you need to get the removable innersoles fitted correctly (straight) or it's a pain, literally.

    Another thing I found is that I now feel the need to cut the sleeves off all my white T shirts and go around the edges with red marker pen, and I have started to follow other runners around and "encourage" them, one civvy I met was most put out when I told him to stand on the blue line in the gym, then run around me.
  13. I find that 'Black Slappers" circa 1981 with bags of bull do me just fine! They also go nicely with a red PT top complete with soap lined creases!
  14. I recently purchased a pair of PT-03 running shoes and think their brilliant, In the past i have found it difficult to find the right running shoe as im pigeoned toed and this causes problems with my calves, thought id found the perfect shoe in my Asics but have to say the PT-03 is far superior and one i will stick with in the future. I would highly recommend this running shoe to anyone and everyone.
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Cor! that's weird you know...... you must be the fat knacker I saw being helped into the bus 500 yards into my last BPFA 'cos that's EXACTLY what he was wearing too !

    Amazing. Sadly I had to give back my heavyweight cotton PT vest, Red only recently....oh, and the black daps I remember from infant school....but when I joined the QM gave me a really tasteful pair of green trainers....I last saw those at HMS EXCELLENT, where the Navy give them to people to wear when they are about to do their lifeboat swim.....

    Lee Shaver