Are poncho liners still in general use in the US Military

Discussion in 'US' started by hogstable, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Just curious,

    Are poncho liners still in common use allowing for newer sleeping systems warm clothing etc and where are they carried?

    Just kept in base areas like a combat duvet or carried in Rucks etc.

    Just pondering

  2. In my experience of working with the US Army, the 'woobie' is still issued (now in UCP digicam) and widely used. During the summer months - when much of the US is stifflingly hot - sleeping on a cot under a poncho liner is a much more comfortable proposition than sweating away inside even a light bag.

    Generally carried in the ruck, or kitbag when in barracks.

    Personally, I think they're a great bit of kit.
  3. Yes, still on Issue. now come in MARPAT and ACU patterns.

    ACU: NSN 8405-01-547-2558

    MARPAT: NSN 8405-01-545-8153