Are Police Community Support officers bullies?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bagwell, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Last night saw not one, but two Community Support officers apprehend a man for not having front lights on his bike. Said chap was wearing helmut and reflective clothing and his back lights were functioning. However the officers were adamant that he should not put foot to peddle and ordered him to walk home. Is this upholding the law or bullying? Tax payers money well spent?
  2. PCSO's should be taken into a field and shot. They are a total waste of money and training.

    I didn't really have an opinion on them until those two mong's of 'officers' stood on the bank whilst a lad drowning in a pond before their eyes.
  3. When kids start drowing people generally to forget what proffesion they belong to and act as compasionate humans...just hope the chap didnt have a long walk home last night
  4. PCSO's - "Policeing" on the cheap. No powers of arrest, nothing more than posh traffic wardens with attitude.

    This is the same organisation that stood on the banks of a pond and allowed a child to drown because they where not trained to go and try and save him. Just another failed Labour attempt at massaging police figures
  5. Actually I'm quite happy with having Community Support Officers on the basis that they're just as lazy, arrogant and useless as normal plod* but cost less to the taxpayer.

    Also, as the normal plod kick them out of the nice warm station you actually see them now and again - unlike plod.

    * I base my opinions on my own personal experiences with plod, yours may differ**.

    **But I doubt it.
  6. Whats wrong with zero tolerance?

    Riding a bike without a front light is not allowed = don't do it.


    Of course it might help if they had this same zero tolerance approach to other crimes.

    Still its a start.
  7. The shocker was the documentary earlier this week - ten pcso cost the same as eight cops. Holy shit. Maybe the long term cost will be slightly less due to non-promotion, lower pension, less good early retirement on ill-health - but even so, the difference in cost is nowhere near what I thought it was.

    When you add in the fact that the cops routinely work shifts it seems that the free market price of "constabulary services" is around about where the wages are. Or, put differently, cops aren't overpaid.

    Add in the enhanced capability and cops (compared to pcsos) are incredibly cheap.
  8. If PCSO have no rights of arrest - when they tell you 'you can't ride home on your bike with no lights' tell them to fcuk off and do it anyway. after all they can't nick you, and if you pedal fast enough they aint gonna catch you.
  9. Yeah but they have powers to 'detain' you and stop you leaving and call for the normal plod to turn up and arrest you.
  10. And if they do get to close to you then just jump into a puddle.
  11. Actually saw 3 different PCSO's in about 30 minutes in Newquay on Saturday. Mind you, its all you'll get around here. The rest of Devon and Cornwall plod are too busy stuffing their faces in the snack bar on base. Best time to commit a crime around here is Sunday morning. Theres about 10 patrol cars parked up on the car park here then.

    Disclaimer: If the crime rate does go up on a Sunday morning, I deny all knowledge.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Free brownshirts, and cheaper than the parking gestapo.
  13. Recently, 2 local PCSO's stood by while some old crust got a mugged in broad daylight - apparently they weren't allowed to intervene as they weren't trained. Luckily a market stallholder gave the attacker a good going over

    We've also got one of the 17yr olds locally. Poor we lamb, he looks like he's been in the dressing up box
  14. A PC's wage is about half the cost of employing them, its the benefits that cost.

    Quite right, can't move for plod on my estate on an evening, in fact get me from under this pile of police...... :roll:
    And this capability would be what exactly? Advanced paper shuffling? level three sloping shouldering?
  15. My bold, having seen so many comments about why they have not intervened in incidents of a serious nature. Or it could be that the job has attracted those given to abusing any powers given to them, ie bullies.