Are physicians now Milking Gulf War illnesses ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. It seems that expensive research projects are still being funded for a dead issue.

    Still, gives physicians a nice little earner and a lucrative living i suppose!

    Link ... The Daily Reflector

    Link ... Gulf War Illness: Remember Those Who Served - YouTube

    Funny how the Official British verdict was to simply laugh this off as Non existent rubbish with No clinical evidence to support such claims.

    What the fuck is going on ??
  2. Another dumbfuck topic from the duty Int Cell mong.
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  3. On what basis is it a dumbfuck topic? The links i provided are faculty correct & genuine and thus, make a bona Fifa discussion.

    I fully understand if the topic in question is not exactly YOUR cup of tea Bob, if that is the case, simply piss off and leave it for someone else who has a genuine interest in this subject matter.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I'm interested to know how you KNOW that those links are faculty (sic) 'correct'. Correct in relation to what? Have they been peer reviewed? Have they been subjected to independent analysis and scrutiny or is just your opinion? They're correct because you beleive them to be or do you have anyhting to back it up? One is a minor American newspaper published in one state alone and the other is a YouTube link FFS, hardly the bedrock of journalistic credibilty to promote serious discussion.
  5. Go away and work out which words in that sentence are wrong.

    You pick fault that those researching this are just coining in money and with those saying it doesn't exist. Which side of this are you outraged about, or are you too thick to know and just want to be upset?
  6. Now that is a prime example of pressing send before checking autocorrect!!!
  7. Have you read this:

    And to save you the effort here are the key findings:

    This Statistical Notice provides summary statistics on the causes of deaths that occurred among the UK veterans of the 1990/91 Gulf Conflict. The mortality rates of 53,409 UK Gulf veterans were analysed alongside those of a comparison group, the Era cohort. The Era comparison group consists of 53,143 UK Armed Forces personnel of similar age, gender, Service, regular/reservist status and rank who were in Service on 1 January 1991 but did not deploy to the Gulf.

    The key findings in the latest release (1 April 1991 - 31 December 2011) are:
    • There have been 1,283 dethas among the Gulf veterans and 1,327 in the age-adjusted Era comparison group.
    • The 1,283 deaths among Gulf veterans compare with approximately 2,191 deaths which would have been expected in a similar sized cohort taken from the general population of the UK with the same age and gender profile. This reflects the strong emphasis on fitness when recruiting and retaining Service personnel.
    These statistics continue to confirm that UK veterans of the 1990/1991 Gulf Conflict do not suffer an excess of overall mortality compared with Service personnel that did not deploy.
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  8. I will gladly answer that for you Forastero.

    I doubt very much that Congressman Dennis Kucinich was play acting that announcement, and the news paper in question was simply relaying the said story to the public.

    I think most of us can distinguish fact from fiction with a little simple research ... even on Youtube! Regarding your suggestion that this be peer reviewed .....:*

    I rest my case Sir.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Congrats, here's a tinfoil hat.

    You're free to post anyting you like on ARRSE, just don't expect to be taken seriously if you can't be arsed to take it seriously yourself. Lastly, I don't believe I suggested you had your links peer reviewed but hey, makes for a more interesting retort though, doesn't it?
  10. So, you are saying it's faculty correct (not entirely sure what that means) because it was printed in a paper on on a youtube video?

    Well that certainly beats articles from peer reviewed journals and the published results from studies carried out by experts in their respective fields. To think I wasted all those hours reading and referencing text books and journals when I could have just quoted a video on Youtube.
  11. Well I used to know someone who was sufferring from "Gulf War Syndrome" and would not want to wish it on anyone. Well there are a couple I might wish it on.

    Thus I may not know exactly what GWS actually is, and nor does anyone else. However, there are a disturbingly large number of fit young as they were then who came back from that war and within a couple of years were fucked.

    As for the chap I knew, he is dead now. So the OP can go fuck himself.
  12. Did you read my earlier post? Clearly Not!
  13. Thank you bokkatankie, The most sensible answer so far ..... Let's hope Forastero does not want it peer reviewed. :)
  14. I thought everyone knew it was the Aspartame (phenylalanine) in soft drinks breaking down because they were badly stored (in the open in the desert) during Gulf one...

    When on Gulf 2 I didn't see any drinks stored like this, and no Gulf 2 sindrome...

    I rest my case your honor...
  15. That's a statistical notice, not the results of a study carried out to determine whether Gulf War Syndrome exists.