Are people really informed?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stabandswat, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. I was asked by a friend why I bother attending the TA. When I mentioned all the good things such as AT, shooting things, the top quality rat packs et al he seemed quite interested in joining up himself. Then he said "But I couldn't afford to do it" This really confused me and when I questioned his last reply he not only didn't realise you were paid for the time you give but actually thought you had to paythe TA!!! Now this bloke is switched on (contrary to what you may think) and has quals coming out of his ears but if he thinks this then whats happening with other people and their conceptions of the TA? I know this may be a one-off thing but I do know of a few people who believe the TA is a non-paid voluntary service.
  2. SS

    Down may way in the Sunny midlands nearly everybody i talk to & mention i am in the TA think i play at soldiers and dont get payed for it so they are quite shocked when i tell them i do get paid & can earn quite a bit too.
  3. It feels like you have to pay the TA especially if no wages arrive for ages. (I know I know dont depend on it blah blah) I am amazed that people see us doing all this hot and dusty stuff and they think we do it for the love and a suntan.
  4. Seen the same myself.

    Advertising by the TA has been poor for years. Only after joining did I realise the amount of TA PR I'd been subjected to, previously I'd believed it was regular units.

    Maybe this One Army recruiting is the way forward, as long as its made clear the Army has a Spare/Part Time element aswell.

    Unit recruiting was viable from mid 1800's till late 1960's (but that was probably best done by word of mouth)