Are PCSOs Policing on the cheap?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Whilst at Victoria Station in London today, I came across a British Transport Police (Community Support Officer). Nothing novel now but I did notice the PCSO had a set of handcuff's attached to hes belt. Are PSCO's trained enough to use them and would you trust one in a conflict situation. I have come across PCSO's in other parts of the Capital who think they are like the TSG Boys!!.
  2. Not as cheap as hobby bobbies, who are to the police as the TA is to the regular Army (although even cheaper as they don't get paid at all).

    ...which makes me wonder...given that the purpose of a PCSO (someone please supply appropriate nickname, this is too much of a mouthful) is basically to look like a copper from a distance, and indeed confuse the hard of sight or understanding at closer range...without HMG having to shell out for a training, police salary or pension... there a place in the Army for a similar semi-/un-trained individual - not TA :D , but full time and wearing a uniform that looks a bit similar at 100 metres, and who you can deploy in numbers on the ground to make it look like there's more of you...

    ...or should they just compulsorily mobilise the Specials...

    ...or get the TA to do a patrol or two in Basra a week, on a voluntary (i.e. unpaid) basis...

    TB is no doubt on the case with this already, seeing what lessons can be learnt from other services.
  3. in equal to the idea of unpaid "special forces" maybe the answer to policing isnt PCSO's - but to territorialise the special constabulary, use the money currently put into little hitler PCSO's (glorified traffic wardens really) into paying people for the hours they put in as "reserve police officers" with proper powers.

    so, come the weekend, no need to pay plod overtime rates to attend a football match or to put out loads of coppers on a friday night around town, just get the terriers in for 30 quid a day flat rate, give them training evenings one night a week at the local station.

    be great fun to get paid for cracking some heads together and playing with CS gas of a weekend...
  4. CS gas is certainly one peice of equipment all Police Authority's would not like a PCSO to use...
  5. Seemed to work quite well for the RUC.

    I think a paid police reserve is a very good idea.

    Saying that, PCSOs are here to stay.
  6. If any Force in the UK decided to have a Reserve Force, Chris Pattern would be brought back and rid them. He didnt hesitate in recommending that the RUC Reserve be disbanded.
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    Yeah but can you see the lads ever not doing man tests with the CS gas? I know a special a good guy who gives up pretty much all his saturday nights to go and police, and do a job for real. I cannot stand those crappy city wardens or whatever they call themselves down your neck of the woods, plastic policemen. They are all WALTS and look like absolute tossers walking around like they own the place, with bulging utility belts...what's in them? No cuffs, no baton, no CS, all they needs a bloody radio and a notebook and pen, yet they have something resembling the batbelt on. Can't stand them, I admit that the thoughts in the right place, trying to stop crime, but the the type of criminals who commit street crime would headbut the city wardens and mug them instead! Surely th money would be better spent recruiting more police officers, it's not a case of not enough recruits for the police I'm almost certain it's a case of the government not putting the money in to create new slots.
  8. Wasn't there a hoo hah over the pension rights for the Reserve. I think the full time Reserve were entitled, but the Part Time, many of whom did the job full time if you catch my drift, apparantly weren't.

    Speaking as a member of he public, I must say that i rarely see a Police Officer round our way, unless it's Traffic or the lass who lives opposite us. They've thinned right out. PCSOs do seem to be here to stay, but I feel rather more confident seing the real thing.
  9. Traffic Cops!!!! Arhhhhh spit !!
  10. I don't think its policing on the cheap My old boss got sacked from here for being a generally all round useless cnut. He got a job that suited him down to the ground with his UBERWALT asperations , (the tw@ even bore a passing ressemblance to Adolf )and got a 'job' as a PCSO He recons he earned £20k when he first started and now gets the best part of £25k for being a glorified Dog sh1t warden. I heard that apparently a PCSO earns a similar buttie to a 'real-deal' bobby who has received full training and just finished his/her probation.

    I used to think of specials as the Walts of law enforcement, watching too much Sweeney or the Professionals when they were kids, but now I have a level of repsect for them. Most seem to volunteer for the right reasons but PCSOs have taken things to a whole new level of Pocket Hitlerness. Some bloke was in the paper a few weeks ago cos he'd been done for littering..he'd dropped a spent match on the floor and some cnuting PCSO 'ticketed him', despite the bloke pointing out the obvious fact that if he'd dropped the match into the bin as mein Fuhrer had wanted, it would have set fire to the bl00dy thing and the town would be knee deep in Trumpton mowing thier way down a precinct full of Saturday morning shoppers.!!

    God help us if they are ever given anything other than a pencil and pad..
  11. It is all about deception. The PCSO badges used to have the words Community Support Officer in a much bigger size than the word Police. In most forces this is now the other way around and you don't notice the Community Support Officer bit as the Police bit is 90% of the badge. We are all meant to believe the Government has provided us with more Bobbies on the beat but in reality they have not. Deception.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    BTP PCSO's are trained in the use of the 'snaps' and can detain for up to 20 mins, (might be 30) until real Plod arrive.

    BTP PCSO's have lowered crime and disorder in mainline stations by 12%+ this year and it is going down further. They reassure the public and if you havent noticed the mainline stations do not have the plethera of vagrants hanging around due to the PCSO.

    They are here to stay and BTP are spredding them into the Provinces.

    There are good PCSO's and bad PCSO's like in all walks of life, but they do a job and it has been proven they are a deterant.
  13. Policing on the cheap. A half arsed effort to make the public think that there are more police officers on the streets, when infact there is probably less!

    In the long term they are cheaper as they do not have pay increases the same way the police do and some (if not all) are on short term contracts which means they can just be sacked and not replaced when their contracts expire.

    They may stop petty crime as a deterent however they are no use against violent prisoners as they have not kit and they don't have the same powers as police officers.

    What a complete waste of money!
  14. As has already said they should have a paid police reserve. I have notice that they have started paying Specials £1000 a year for doing the minimum time.

    It doesn't matter really as long as they reduce crime but I would rather see more regulars and specials on the beat than PSCOs.
  15. my dad, grandad were specials and my great grandfather was a full time bobby , they have said a few things about the service and they did think paid specials is a good idea, as to PCSO, i suppose they are useful in that they are around unlike regular bobbies, they are more visable and think many MOPs have now started to accept them, bit like when the first policeman came out in 1800s the public didnt know what to expect and gradually they became accpeted a spart of society, having said that everytime i see one especially with a blue band on their caps, they remind of Irish Police officers (gardai) :lol: