Are our people in Ghan really dying for this????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. These countries will need several generations to even come close to a western standard of "ethics" (although the current effort to smear Gen. Dannatt and the open corruption and self-serving politicians in the current US government makes me wonder a bit whether we in the west are much better).
  2. To paraphrase FDR, Karzai may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch. Given many of the alternatives he is better than most - and even if you do not agree at the very least he is a known entity. Corruption is endemic in Afghan politics as is the requirements to balance the disparate elements that make up the patchwork nation; the Pashtun need to be kept onside without isolating the tajiks and so it continues. We will never really understand how it works and trying to impose our concept of Western Democracy will ultimately fail.

    So what are we doing there? Trying to give the Government of Afghanistan the chance to control their own nation and destiny - as long as that destiny doesn't involve Islamic extremism!
  3. Very true-much the same dynamic in Iraq. It is the nature of "nation building" in far different cultures than our own.
  4. Get with the program muhandis89, what's all this "Ghan" bollocks? Everyone knows all the cool kids are simply calling it "The G" now. :roll:
  5. Yes they are!! --------- Crazy, is it not?
  6. Well we did not employ this pragmatism when we decommissioned Saddam Hussein.
  7. The return of Dostum to the Karzai political fold marks a new low-point in his attempts to hang onto power I would have thought.
  8. I'm mildly surprised that anybody even expresses consternation at this state of affairs. Mr Kharsi had his scams up and running about 24 hours after the Septics heaved him into the top slot.


    Edited to add: can we get rid of this melodramatic Septic bollix of "the 'Ghan" (as in "the 'Nam")? Otherwise we'll have all the Walts claiming they served in "the 'Ghan" when they mean GlamorGAN.
  9. Khazi/Khazai was interviewed on TV yesterday,and asked how the elections were going in the south.''Fine-no problems' said he.He's a disgrace!
  10. Sounds like he would make a good British politician.