Are ORFICERS still taking the piss??

Discussion in 'RAC' started by revmodes, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. Reading all the latest on here re: pay rates, operational tours etc, raised the question in my mind about what is going on in camp now a days !
    As a young trooper i was frequently co-erced into waiting on at some mess function, putting up dozens of bloody tents for the polo, and worst of all ,because it always fcking rained manning checkpoints/fences for orficers and wives out point to pointing at weekends.The promise was always of xtra duty pay, which rarely if ever materialised,or the solemn promise of the s.s.m. that this will count as a w/end duty, wah
    Is it still going on in these p.c. days , never seen an article "outing" the use of trained soldiers as skivvies at w/ends. The excuse/reason for waiting on etc in the wo.s/sgts mess was of course it was all in prep for your own time in the mess :?
  2. Yes it still goes on and is disgraceful use of manpower, also there is no real way of getting monies earned from extra duty pay if they dont want to pay,

    yes that is the Officers Mess (catterick) owing me accumulated £175 in ED pay. What do I do go to the small claims court?

    The officers mess is a social elite, didnt you know?

    BTW I did some work with another mess they paid on the night, fed me and even drove me home. So I am not a officer hater,
  3. It's called character building and if you soldiers didn't do it for us - who would?
  4. The implication being that Officers have no character!!
  5. Whose character exactly?

    I had the misfortune of having to act as waiter on one officers mess do, and one numpty displayed his character, by demanding that I get him a cigarette from a table one foot away from him.
    As the night progressed, the more boisterous they became, and indulged in activities which would have been classed as vandalism had it been carried out by the ORs.
    Didn't Rommel say something like, "With German officers and British soldiers I would rule the World, With British Officers and German Soldiers I would surrender"?
  6. This is an interesting question. There seem to be two halves to it.

    Firstly if the event can be said to be in support of combat effectiveness, like a regimental Waterloo/Cambriai weekend, then soldiers (or indeed officers) working over a weekend to put up tents in support of the weekend without extra pay should be fine. After all we work up to 24 hours a 7 days a week when duty requires us to do so.

    When soldiers are employed in the messes to support mess functions (be it Officers' or WOs' and Sgts' Messes) I would suggest that some sort of quid pro quo should be implemented, depending on whether the function is official or unofficial. So for a Polo party with no official guests, I would suggest that the soldiers who wait on should be financially compensated for doing so. If it is an official function with official guests, then it becomes a duty. Stag on!

    I do think that in these busy times, we need to be very careful about how we employ soldiers in support of events which are not strictly military. If it is not an official or regimental function, then I believe soldiers should be able to opt out of working at them and if they do work at them, they should be paid for it. For official functions, there should be no requirement to pay or even strictly speaking to grant extra time off, as it is a duty.
  8. This must be a joke?
    Im joining to be a soldier not a fcuking servant, helping put up tents is one thing but doing waiter duty at some poofy officer cocktail party is not a soldiers job. (bunch of overpaid rupperts)
  9. Could you fetch me another G & T while I laugh at your naivety.
  10. please explain
  11. Get some time/tours in you gobby prick
  13. Sounds like wrongly used power if you ask me, ill be scratching my arse and mixing the custard freehand if Im made to steward.
  14. good for you, however, seeing as you have not served you have no call in slating officers who have. d1ck.
  15. You'll also learn to do as you are told and that the a fore said SNCOs/ Officers can dream up all sorts of ways to make your life difficult :)
    Now do run along there's a good chap 8O