Are my eyes good enough?

Hi, i've been wanting to join the army since i have just left school. Looking around the internet i can't find any answers to my question.

Anyway, i spoke with an army careers officer today online and asked him about wearing glasses in the British Infantry. He said;

"The Minimum standards for both uncorrected and corrected vision are determined by service medical staff and are dependent on the proposed employment and branch/trade group. Spectacle or contact lens corrections must not be greater then -7 dioptres or +8 dioptres in any meridian. Impaired colour perception (colour blindness) is not a bar to service, but may limit your career choices. You will need to have a copy with you of any acuity prescription from your optician when you go for your medical examination."

Here are my prescription results:

Right Eye: Sph -1.25 Cyl -0.50 Axis 80
Left Eye: Sph -1.50 Cyl -0.25 Axis 100

Cheers, looking for the answer has been driving me insane. If you can answer it that would be great. Thanks

As a former LSL senior recruiter, it looks like your eyes are fine. You wont however be able to fly Apache helicopters......

Good luck with your application fella..
HaydenWilliams said:
I only want to join the infantry. Also thanks for the fast reply boosted my confidence about applying :D
Don't belittle them mate, they do a very valuable job. Good luck with your application.

Now I'm going to grip myself for saying that, as I'm not a grunt 8O
I didnt mean it in a bad way, the only job in the army for me would be the infantry. I want to go because i respect what they are doing right now in Afghanistan.

Nothing else has actually come to mind except the infantry. Be the best :)
yeah thats pretty much the same prescription ive got mate.

Doc on my medical said that it was bad enough to warrant wearing specs all the time, but ive got contacts now and its all cool. EXCEPT when doing CBRN.
I hope that you get the required result that you wish for, however do not get dis-heartened if it does not work out the way you had hoped. there are plenty of jobs within the forces which you may also enjoy although be it not what you had initially hoped for. You say that you want to join the infantry because of what they are doing in afghanistan...or is it because that they look 'ally' on news footage. not that i am dissing the infantry in any way as they do a difficult job. Although if you do not get your occupation of choice then do try something else.

Just a small piece of advice, you would do well to change your user name to something else other than your real name on this or other sites.

Best wishes

Not sure about the axis part but the rest is similar to my perscription, all im barred from as far as i know is tankies and piolet.

If i recall the eye test is taken with your glasses on/contacts in, so as long as you can read the bottom line its all good.

Joe 90's are horrid in the field... awsome down zone though :D
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