Are multi blade razors a pain in the neck

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by re-stilly, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. I have been using a 5 blade razor for a few months and have found it left me sore as buggery, so gone back to a 2 blade one and the shave is better and no fiery after burn. I am even contemplating going back to the old flat blade razor.

    Am I being an over-sensitive metrosexual, or are the multiblade ones causing more problems?
  2. Never moved past 2 blade ones myself.... nice smooth shave no burning

    Personally I think this "re-inventing" of the razor with ever more blades is just a money spinning thing
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    no the multiblade ones are just gimmicky and massively expensive. I've never liked the shave and the price even less.

    still nowt is as bad as the old bic single disposible which tore your face off.
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  4. I ditched multi bladed shaving a few years back, each year a new razor was needed as they no longer made the blades leaving me with a draw full of useless razors, so now I am using the same type of safety razor I started out shaving with 35 odd years ago.

    Find it better and cheaper.
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  5. Gillette blue 2+ for me. All the best features you need on a razor. No more no less. Sharp as **** and cheap as chips.
  6. I used to use those things, got sick of them clogging up and costing a fortune.

    I've now been using a Merkur Futur for years with Feather blades, cost is about £15 a year in blades and you can have it tight and close or softer and more forgiving for those 'difficult' mornings.
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  7. Transfer to become a master farrier and then grow a beard. Jobbed.

    If this top tip proves to be less that useful, accept my apologies in advance!
  8. Seconded, I binned the multiblade due to them being outrageously priced. Messsr's: Gillette, Wilkinson, et al can **** right off, they raised the price and at the same time sank the quality for their age old safety razor blades, to drive people to the new products.

    I use the red "Personna" blades as they are the best I've found.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Gilette and others seem to increase te blade count each year, as a gimmick - cheap Bic disposables. Single blade, very cheap, and last as long as anything else.

    Mind you, they can be expensive; one eejit in Germany years ago complained abvout the cost - turned out he was shaving with them once, then throwing them away. Well, they are disposable.
  10. Multi-blade razors, particularly the Gillette Fusion Pro*, are the future and nay sayers are fuddy duddy old men who can't get a decent shave on their saggy and wrinkly faces from anything. And they smell of wee.

    In a fit of epic pikeyness on my last Herrick I discovered just how long it's possible to make a Fusion blade last. 5 months I got out of one. Since I've been back I've continued this kind of meanness and the blade I shave with every day has been on my razor since last November. Sure, I have to be a little careful but I really do have no dramas with it. I think I'll retire it this weekend though. New blade for May.

    IMHO some of the 'burn' problems are caused by the blades being too sharp when they're new. A little care and attention is all that's needed, and for those that say that that's too much faff? I challenge you to shave with anything else with pure and reckless abandon.

    For those that consider me a pikey ****? I've saved by my calculation nearly £41 in the last 18 months. So yeah, fair point.

    * Other razors are, of course, available but that's what works for me.
  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The increase in blade count is related to the ongoing war between the supermarkets and the brands for market share. If the razor design stays static, the supermarkets will introduce a cheaper own label equivalent and steal market share from the brands like Gillette.

    So the brands keep changing the playing field by changing the razor design and trumpeting the 'advantages' of the change by heavy advertising spends. That makes it more difficult for the supermarkets to bring in their 'own label' razors.

    These changes have nothing to do with better shaving and everything to do with how shelf space in the supermarkets is shared between those supermarkets and the brands.

  12. You are probably quite correct, multiblades are best suited for pikey metrosexual grooming!
  13. So this is simply an example of consumerism, driven by market forces? I can accept that concept.