Are Mongs Magnetic?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_guru, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Hallveg, Infiltrator and I were munching on a McD's brekkie at Baldock services when a car full of obviously "slow" men walked (loped more like) in. They all shuffled off to the lavs then went in and emptied the shop of Choc Ices. Now, we all know that people with similar interests sort of get together (like ARRSE) but how did these fellas get to know each other. Is there a website out there in Cyber Space where like minded (?) retards can get together and discuss things like their favourite types of bus, or which Solero? Or is it something else. I speculated that maybe they are magnetic, and are attracted together in groups due to a force. And if this is true, will calipers affect the magnetic field? Is there a problem with repelling each other too??

    Just a thought. But it had us p*ssing ourselves.
  2. Was it a pedo's day out perhaps? a carer told them there was a hot air ballon festival on near by and they got confused/ejected from site for trying to lick them.
    There must be some sort of magentic field as I've aload round were I've I reckon about 3 of them and a house full of them all within about 100mtrs of each other
  3. Its very true that you very rarely see one mong, there is always a big gang of the drooling feckless window lickers,
    guru has neglected to mention the bit were he suggested you could utilize them in the cleaning industry,
    just let a gang loose in a office block and over night every window is licked clean!
  4. But how do you get pigeon sh*t off the outside of the windows? Perhaps attach ropes to the mongs and push them off the roof and leave them to dribble?
  5. I belive they keep them in these 'heards' in order to control them and use them for comerical use such as cleaning, at the garden centre I saw a number of the creatures mlarrring over the plants.
  6. I heard that they're all employed in a big ice-cream factory thats located beside a balloon factory.

    edited picture to link as it was hugeMod..

    Every lunch break, they were fascinated by the balloon test flights......
  7. The_Guru wrote:

    Just for you The_guru :lol:
  8. Don't you think these topics of the same thing is not getting boring?
    why don't you just add it to another thread thats running.

    honest you dont get any extra for starting a topic

  9. Never!

  10. one of the funniest post iv seen :D so i decided to do a bit of research and bought , the young scientist magazine , page 51 = Polarized field dynamics and the effect on mong's , i think you may be onto something :D :D :D
  11. Check it out! FCUKER ! 9/11!!! WNAKER!! YOUR MUM IS A BITCH!!
  12. I suspect they were from the Mong Assembly Local Rumour Service (MLLAARRRSE) and out on a crawl. After this they usually log on and take the p1ss out of normal people, although some of the softer spastics on the site think that this is in poor taste. The hard core bullies belong to a secret club called the Mongdon Millaarrr.
  13. Well spotted Hallveg. The one exception to the rule is the "rogue male" mong, which as it nears the end of it's life grows weaker and is preyed upon by the stronger members of the herd. This dominant behavior takes the form of popping the weaker ones balloon, stealing its' icecream, and pouring pureed vegetables into its' lap during feeding time. Sometimes, this can also include public mounting to demonstrate physical superiority, which can lead to the intervention of the carer with a cattle prod, or Cutaway with a camera. At this stage of its' life, the rogue male is driven from the tribe to begin its' inevitable journey to the fabled Mongs' Graveyard as decrepitude leads to the gradual breakdown of personal cleanliness and bodily functions. This El Dorado of mong remains, sought after for the vast amount of teeth and bones, is reputed to lie somewhere in Cornwall.
  14. the_guru, so you're saying you go out and attract mongs yourself ?

  15. Polar. Any holes a goal. It'd also be quite an ego boost to have anything attracted this way, what with my bad case of ETS (Enlarged Testicle Syndrome)