Are military personnel given enough help and support to get on the property ladder?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by AndyTargetFive, May 26, 2013.

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  1. I was always amazed that more people were not keen to get on the property ladder. Is this because this is no longer important, or is it that there is/ was insufficient education and support to help (especially for younger Soldiers and Officers)? Or neither? Keen to hear views.
  2. look up LSAP there are means and way if you've not screwed up your credit rating like everyone else :)
  3. Is a screwed credit rating a big problem do you think? Is it a key reason why people don't?
  4. Why should Soldiers need more help than your average civvy? If anything, Soldiers are in a better position to save for a deposit to put on a property, usually having a comparatively large disposable income. After 4 years I had purchased my first property and paid off a 4 year old Jag X type outright.
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  5. Some of my more sensible friends who have served their full 22 were able to save up and buy themselves houses with little or no mortgage.

    I think the main housing problem affecting Forces types is the fact that they can't find local authority housing as they move around so much and councils only rent to people with a connection to the community.
  6. My bold.

    Where did that idea spring from? Or did you make it up?
  7. The idea for this thread has come both from my own personal experience and from a recent conversation I had with a couple of (still serving) members of my property network.
  8. Hi Clunge - The reason they may need more help is 1. they are busier and 2. They are given accommodation I completely agree that they are in a good position, I bought property throughout my time in the military, for me that was what tour money was for. This is why it often amazed me that it didn't seem more important to people.
  9. So what additional support do you think they need? Except when they're based overseas, when viewing prospective property and keeping an eye on the tenants is a tad more difficult, they've got at least as much support as the average civvy has.

    Or are you getting at the idea that soldiers need to consider property management to look after their interests when they're out of the country?
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  10. Busier? Granted, there was times I was on Exercise but I'm willing to bet like a lot of other Junior Ranks that there are large periods of time when there isn't much on and are monging it for weeks on end in the troop/platoon restroom. Currently on tour atm, and have help maintaining my property through a family member.
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    So, really you've only joined to look for new business!
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  12. Its a good idea giving squadies extra help....maybe If they were paid more than the equivalent civi and beer was cheaper on camp they might, just might, be able to get on to the property ladder....
  13. I was not talking about property management, that may or may not be needed. I used to manage mine, and 2 properties bought with my brother were left to him when I was away. I am more interested in the education and awareness of property, the pitfalls (many) and advantages (many more - in my opinion).
  14. Away and talk shite! How many other jobs pay up to 27K a year with minimal GCSE's at entry level after several years?
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