Are men really useful to us?

Apart from some of them giving good sexual intercourse, do any of you chicks think that blokes are worth the while?
Me thinx their a waste of space..... ::)
And should they have an opinion??
Totally agree with you mate......but would rather do it meself so I know it gets done properly... ;D

I've got mine on a leash.....He knows when to sit, heel, beg and even bark! ;D
Well Leeanne, You know what they say.

A man is like a floor tile, Lay it just right and you can walk on it for life ;D

Mine is on a leash to ;D
Good....That's where they belong! Licking thier dinners off a bowl and sh1ttin' in the garden....... ;D

I hate they way that they think are great at everything. They really have'nt a clue, have they? Especially yabbing on bout' big cars and driving, they seem to forget that Women are better drivers....Tis' a well known fact, that's why we have cheaper car insurance!

Hang on.....I'll buy a Merc and crash it the next day, ask MDN, he knows all about it! That's the way to do it me boy... ;D
Also dont forget,

The male chromosome is an incomplete female chromosome. In other words the male is a walking abortion; aborted at the gene stage.
To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples ;D
The only brains that are in the male body are his sperm!

Hope me other half don't read this....I'll end up celibate for the next 2 years.. :-[ :'( Either that or I'll just have to phone Enrique for second best! ::)
Our Sperm has brains eh

I wondered why you bunch of dopey birds had managed to start your own thread without the aid of your owners.

Its simple Ive been making you swallow my brains for a while now it must be rubbing off on you ;D

Ive also decided that this thread serves no purpose and further posts will only encourage you. I will post no more
I want you women to beat me, seeing as we men are useless....beat me whilst I'm nakid..... and you dressed in fishnet stockings..... beat me cos I'm a bad man.  And make me crawl, nakid, whilst you beat me..... please..... :eek:
MDN and ORG,

It is my profound wish that you have your genitals laughed at by witless eunuchs, you salacious rapscallions. ;D

Bouse Tizi ;)

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