Are left handed people freaks of nature?

Weapons, Equipment & Rations?

I thought this section was limited to posts about how great the SLR was and complaints about the Oatmeal Block shrinking in size.

They are by definition sinister.

Should have it beaten out of them when young for their own sake.
We are God's chosen people, and, given that you Rightist-types use the left side of your brains, we are the only people in our right minds.
They provide hours of entertainment whining about 'rightist' this and that, for that they should be forgiven their deformity.
But Ginger and a leftie should be sterilsed so as not to infect the gene pool
The SLR was also available for left handed shooting and may even have been handled by gwarrs, a dreadful sacrilage indeed!
Ex ginger (now somewhat grey/white) and left handed. Done ok so far just the bloody scissors, and dont tell me you can get left handed ones I live in a house of right handed women so I'm not going to get any of them. Never had a problem firing a weapon just learn how to and its ok.
PS Why is this in the Weapons and Equipment forum? Is the OP an undercover left handed cack fingered poster?
What about us ambidextrous bods? :wink:

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