Are LABOUR on borrowed time

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The-Reverend, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Whilst in the pub watching the rugby last night,the camera panned on Gordon Brown. The whole pub booed him, everyone seems to hate him with a passion. I come from a Labour stronghold with a huge majority (Jack Straw local MP) The impression I get is everyone fecking hates him and Labour are on borrowed time. The sooner they go the better.
  2. Borrowed?....stolen more like.
  3. YES sooner they are gone the better.
  4. Given the usual mongish apathy of the British people on polling day Labour might scrape in again next time.

    Your man Jack Whore is possibly finished though, because he's annoyed the local Muslims and that's one group that does turn out in strength.
  5. Same in the Traf in Aldershot, every fcuker booed and jeered him.
  6. The only good thing about England's defeat on Saturday was that the disgusting 'Bottler' Brown was not able to bask in the glory of a victory.

    He's about to sign away our sovereignty (forget 'red lines, even one of his allies calls them red herrings). He however, will be on the European Soviet Union's Cabinet governing everything and everybody in so-called Europe.

    I have not met anyone who admits to voting last time for Bliar, but they got elected! Liars? Huge electoral scam? The latter a distinct possibility in my opinion with this disreputable gang of third-raters in charge.
  7. simple answer YES, time to mobilse the electorate, convince them why they need to vote,

  8. Great comment in The Sun today combining the fact we were robbed in the rugby with their hatred of Bottler Broon :lol:

    Sun Says
  9. we all hate him / Liarbour
    However JCS , hit the nail on the head
    Only those groups with vested interests (muslims in this case) actually turn out to vote.
    Until the general public wake from their drink and drug filled torpor , little , if anything, will change.
    They are all to happy to whine and whinge about the state of the country, but all too few will get off their obese asses and go put their mark on a voting slip.It's not like its a weekly requirement, once every 4 or 5 years , but that seems too much for them.
  10. We all detest Labour but we need an effective opposition to vote for.
  11. The problem is, even if we vote them out, we will still end up with Bliar for EU President making our laws, stealing our taxes and generally carrying on with their despicable betrayals of our nation.

    Hopefully enough people are p*ssed off enough with them to turn out at the election and vote against them.

    Failing that, some sort of revolution followed by charges of treason would not be an unpleasant conclusion to this corrupt administrations reign of sleaze.

    On an aside, did Broon think that his appearance at our World Cup Final would win him English votes? If so, he is a bigger fool than he looks.
  12. He was almost certainly massively relieved that England lost, because then he would have been faced with the dilemma of whether to give them all MBEs (like the cricketers). Whether he wanted to or not, it would have opened the whole honours can of worms again and there is no Tony around to take the heat this time.

    Here in the country, everyone hates him for what 'new' labour has done to the countryside. The posties hate hime and his Government for the way they are refusing to become involved in the dispute (the Government are damn quick to dissociate themselves from the Royal Mail when it isn't good news, despite the fact that they are the only shareholder). Middle England hates him with a passion as we are squeezed from all sides for tax revenue to support the rotting hulk of the state apparatus, with its quangos, jobs for the boys, management incompetence and lack of accountability. So who is voting for the scum?

    Having said that, the majority of people don't vote for him. Unfortunately, despite being united in not wanting the idiot Blair/Brown, the electorate split itself between the schitzophrenic Tories (hug a hoodie/cut taxes) and the dripping wet Lib Dems and let the liars in through the back door. The Tories might be all over the shop, but for God's sake let's all vote for them if only to get these free-loading, self-interested, mendacious scum out. Once we've broken the circle, we can re-assess.

    Other than that, who is voting for them? As far as I can see, it is the Middle Class 'intellectuals' - the chattering classes who are wracked by social responsibility, but fortunately earning plenty in 'the media' or in 'the arts' and can afford to ride the tax squeeze that is killing the rest of us. Champagne socialists to a man (and woman) who no doubt can't believe that Tony and Cherie are having to retire to that £2M 'hovel' in the Country with only a £7M pied-a-terre in London to look forward to.

    Still, looks like Tony will be first European President once Gordon signs over sovereignty to Brussels. I wonder if that was part of the hand over of the reins of power to Gordon? Gordon promises to blank any call for a referendum, force through the legislation that establishes the post and Sarkozy has already agreed that in return 'Britain' (for which read Tony and his personal self-aggrandisement) get to be President. But of course our politicians are too naive to realise that the French are playing the long-game. Once its established and Tony has finished (having screwed yet more money from the taxpayers pocket - I bet the EU president will be paid a pretty penny and will no doubt have to have a country house and a privat jet as befits his status), that is the last time we will get a look in. The French and the Germans will have that post stitched up for eternity, and you and I can look forward to subsidising French agriculture and German manufacturing while we become a sort of second-rate Belgium.
  13. Slightly off-thread, but WTH was Broon doing on the rostrum at the end, anyway.
    Apart from IRB officials, present were: President - i.e. Head of State - Sarkozy, President - i.e. Head of State - (can't spell it, but the Sud Af chap), and Prime Minister - i.e. NOT Head of State, wee Georgie Broon.
    HRH The Princess Royal, a loyal rugby supporter, was there representing Her Maj , so, in my book, she should have been on the rostrum!
  14. Undoubtedly. But I'm afraid it was quite legal.

    Overall, they got 3% more vores than the Tories yet they ended up with about 70% more seats. I'd call that a scam.

    IIRC they actually lost the election in England, getting fewer votes than the Tories, but managed to install the one eyed Jock in No 10 despite this.

    Labour will almost certainly lose the next election so they are on 'borrowed time'. The real problem is that they could do real and lasting damage to our economy and national infrastructure before then.
  15. Trying to get political kudos?