Are kids names getting weirder?

A bullying chav scrote from the year above me at school called his kid "Nike" after the trainers. He even had the Nike tick tattooed across the back of his neck. At school he was what you'd expect, never without a baseball cap on and fully decked out in heavily branded (but probably cheap knock off) sportswear, always in trouble with the police, in and out of prison since leaving school for violence, thieving and drugs. rest of the family were the same, horrendous bunch.
After seeing some of the puzzling names on this thread, it makes the grandson of a lady I was working for at the time's name seem perfectly normal. He was saddled with the name Attila.
Saw an award board at a private school in West London, 1 poor lad was "Maximus"
At my 10 month old daughters baby swim class there is an 18 month old boy called Zebedee. When he’s 5 the parents might as well send him to school with a sign hung around his neck that says “bully me mercilessly”.
Nonsense, it'll put a spring in his step having a name like that.

It also depends where he goes to school. Zebedee won't raise an eyebrow around his classmates Boadicea, Prosecco & Gingivitus
First World problems eh!

I did wonder how any bloke (obvious exemptions) could disagree with the delightful Jeri.

Back on topic, Jeri is a stupid name.
Stone me! Apart from the names here's a parent NOT whinging about school uniform being unfair, presumably setting an example for her sprogs, gingers though they be, and knocking a few spokes out of the SJW 'make school uniforms poverty proof' campaign.

Probably doesn't live on KFC family buckets either.

You lot aren't half hard to please.
I wouldn't worry about it.

If done right, when they're older they'll realise their names are sh*he and adopt either one of the other, or Daniel or jack. If they are like described they'll do well.

Lambrusco and white lightening are pretty f*cked mind.

Some of the tougher areas have cracking schools. Zero tolerance on behaviour and they are not shy about excluding kids. Including 'inclusion exclusion' :s, temporary exclusion, etc.

I'm awaiting the return of the cane...

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