Are Int Corps taking transfers

Hi all first post so first off hey beers are on me, cards behind the bar so help your self.

I have been in the Army now for 12 years and currently sit at the rank of Cpl. I'm in the Pioneers and have decided I need a change, one reason is our major lack in postings.

I have a few quals,
SAA, BCDT, CBRN ASST, many AT quals including climbing and caving. I have 1 year left in post here and fancy a change, I worked with Int Corps in Iraq and enjoyed it so they are top of my list.

But are they recruiting Cpl's and what is the transfer process and length from saying I want to go to actually being there.

Just doing some back ground research before I hit my RCMO.

Thanks all

I've seen nothing to say that they have stopped recruiting Cpls. The mil quals will do little to help with the transfer though. Also I'd suggest expressing that your reason for transferring is more to do with wanting to do Int than a current lack of posting choice. The selection boards were pretty competitive in my experience (50% pass rate).
Its well worth reading through the various recruiting/transferring stickies, there is a lot of information on there that you may find useful.

The Corps isn't taking anywhere near as many transferees as it did 6-7 years ago and as iron rations said there is a lot of competition for the vacancies for transferees that do exist. I suspect that this will become even tougher as the SDSR cuts begin to bite and people from affected cap badges look to move.

If you are serious then start the process now as it can take a while, especially if the DVA checks drag on. Dig out the phone number for the recruiting WO and speak to him, he should be able to answer most of your questions.
The CORPS is taking transfers at your rank, as they're undermanned at Cpl and SNCO ranks quite heavily I believe. Contacting the INT CORPS recruiting team was the starting point for me, then harassing the CoC to get me loaded onto a transferee selection.

Bear in mind that the transferee selection is highly competitive, and the CORPS are in no way inclined to take people on simply to fill seats.

Flash-bang for me, from expressing an interest to my OC to walking into Chickers, was 18 months. An uphill slog most of the way, but once you've been selected it's simply a waiting game. The hardest part was fighting tooth and nail for a place on a selection course.

As a recent transferee, feel free to PM me with any questions.
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