Are Inf CSgts now on the high Band?

Just looked at my pay statment today & had a bit of a shock. I had a big pay rise. My first thouht was Mint, lets get down the pub is celabrate. But then started thinking about it and looked into it in more. I found out that, as the 19 Feb I have been moved over to the high band. Is this correct oe has my pay office done yet another balls Up?
Firstly your pay office would have no influence on your Pay Level. It could be an increment pay rise, what is the date of your sub promotion? Have you been paid SUPA, pay of higher rank? I would approach your HR Administrators and ask them to look into this, after all it could be an actual error by those infallible bods in JPAC. If you are in no position to approach HR staff then PM me your Regt No. and I will have a look.

Thanks for your reply.

My incremental rise is in Aug so I know it is not that. I am still only Acting rank & have been since Aug 08. To explain a bit more In Jan this year I was paid Level 5 low band then looking on my statement it says from 19 Feb I am being paid Level 5 on the High band.

I will speak to my Admin staff when I am back at work.

Spoke to my admin office.

Good old Glassgow got my records mixed up!!!!!!

I wonder How long it will now take to fix the problem

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