Are Gunner Artillery Command Systems on the higher pay?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by peterjones, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. hi my name peter and im joining the army to do Gunner Artillery Command Systems and i was just wondering if they are on higher band pay or lower band pay?

  2. i do believe they are on the same pay as a gun bunny
  3. gun bunnys higher, command lower , work that one out !
  4. See attached may help, copied from another post on geo tech (search)

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  5. there you go, you have to wait till your a Sgt to get higher rates on command systems and a full screw for higher rates on the guns.
  6. cool thanks guys
  7. however, when you do get to your Regiment and you do fancy others jobs there is options to change jobs.If you would like any advice on any matters Artillery just ask, i am serving in a light gun/AS90 Regiment and have worked at all jobs.
  8. what do you do on tour if you do command systems is it quite active job?
  9. normally man operations rooms or battery command posts, it can be a very interesting and busy job mixed with long periods of nothingness and extreme boredom
  10. so what jobs would you reccommend in the artillery which is on higher band pay?
  11. If you're joining for the money; end your application now.
  12. We get paid **** all, its the 4th of the month and im already in my overdraft...........bloody stella! : )
  13. dont worry i aint joining the army for money lol if i wanted loads money id do something else but i dont want to lol
  14. +1 i have £15 for rest of the month thank god im deploying

  15. Why what’s wrong with joining for money? If you going to do a heard job buy fcuk you should want to be paid well for it.

    In answer to the original question the breakdown of a field battery pay bands is
    OP, MT, Logistics –Higher
    Gun Bunny’s-Depends on rank pretty sure Bdr & L/Bdr are on lower
    Signals – Lower

    I wouldn’t get to exited about picking your trade before you’re in as you might well find your self being told what trade you’re going to be rather than choosing.