Are Gordon Brown and Other NUlab Politicians KGB Agents??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by C_D_B, May 17, 2010.

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  1. You also have to wonder abut people who attended any of the annual World Festival of Youth and Students

    Just as an example, two people who attended the 1978 event in Havana (motto: "For Anti-Imperialist Solidarity, Peace and Friendship" were non other than Peter Mandelson and Arthur Scargill.

    The TU's have always been recognised as harbouring potential wreckers of British Industry, which is why names of potential construction workers on important projects used to be vetted via a private database (can't remember the name).

    I seem to remember there was some hoo-hah in the early 90'ies when someone took offence at being included, and I think the database may have been closed.
  2. Don't know that they are Active Agents but I will go to my grave saying they sympathized with extreme socialist aims and beliefs.
    Think Brown scored AAA+ on his report card.
  3. On the other hand, unlike the Daily Heil, they never once sabotaged England's 2018 World Cup bid.

    And funny how they never published this libel while the great Jack was alive.
  4. It's only libel if it isn't true Ashie
    Are you actually going to deny it? Or just try to use rhetoric to dance around it?
  5. Does this really need any debate the evidence speaks for its self.

    I'm sure Gordon and his Apparatchiks have their Order of Lenin somewhere nice and safe, probably in the off shore bank with millions they have made being Socialists !!!!

  6. The great Jack explains you quite well. You are an apologist for traitors. Are you saying Gordievsky is a liar then?
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Now somebody explain why Wilson banned MI5 from investigating MPs.
  8. "they never once sabotaged England's 2018 World Cup bid"

    On the other hand, they did just that, wasnt it Gordon who appointed that tosser Triesman into the position in the first place? He had little to do with Football or business in his career, being a former communist, and General Secretary of the Labour Party, suddenly being put in charge of multi million £ projects, and Football must have been too much for him.

    If you look at the areas of influence he worked in while in Government you can see a track record of total f*ck ups.
  9. Yes, my late father - KGB colonel frequently returned from this building late at night by car. He served in military counterintelligence but knew many who "worked" on a British direction.

    Now it looks much simpler. Mr.Abramovich is receiving comprehensive information directly from DS10 and tranfers it to Moscow.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    the great Jack?!

    The man ws a grubby little communist who sold out his country and helped keep it in poverty for years through destructive union activities.

    He should have been killed outright for being a traitor. As for Gordon Brown . . . . well, high praise indeed for the Traitor Jack from Gordon wasn't there?

    Publishing a libel? That's your old KGB mates you're suggesting are guilty of libel Ashie. NOT nice.

    One common theme for the last 100 years has been that those on the right have always worked for the independence and wealth of this nation, whilst those on the left have always hated it, sought its destruction and took their orders from a foreign and enemy power that enslaved half of Europe in chains and poverty. Those on the left have wanted the same thing to happen to Britain.
  11. Neil Kinnock: "allegedly" consulted the Soviets on Trident in the 1980s to formulate a policy that would be beneficial to them.
    Charles Clarke: was president (if I remember correctly) of the NUS, the Central committee of which "allegedly" answered directly to Moscow.
    How many were involved in CND? This one was "allegedly" steered by the Stasi to ensure that the policy remained unilateral disarmament, stamping hard on anyone suggesting that policy should be multilateral disarmament.

    An interesting article on the topic:
  12. Really?? Clem Attlee ?? Ernie Bevin ?? Definitely 'of the left' but I find it very hard to imagine either of them working for Moscow.

    That's the problem with sweeping generalisations - they're usually wrong.

  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ooops - my mistake. OK then. Only the heads of the unions with 2 million+ members, which regularly went on strike to the massive detriment of the entire nation, destroying our docks, our coal industry, our ship-building industry, our car manufacturing industry after nationalising it and more, not to mention people like Michael Foot (just one Labour Prime Minister), and to have the most recent Labour PM praise a proven traitor like 'the great Jack' to the heavens at his death suggests to me that this was a pretty endemic bout, Bevin's Boys and Attlee aside . . . . if you'll excuse me.
  14. Atlee's government did give British jet engine designs to the Soviets, which the Allies are then faced a few years later over North Korea.

    Him and his buddies were fellow travellers, at the very least.