Are Germans Really Sorry?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by peteark, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Over the past month we have heard racist comments coming from within the German government.

    It makes me wonder, did these people really learn from the terrible atrocities committed in WW2.

    Two separate incidents that happened to my wife (she currently serves) and I would indicate there is still a division of opinion.

    Whilst working for HM Forces in Berlin, I became friendly with a Local, in fact he worked for me, one morning whilst no one was about I decided to ask a specific question, the reaction wasn’t expected.

    I asked Peter, ‘what do you really think of the war and Hitler’. He looked me in the eye and then broke down, he literally sobbed his heart out, all he kept repeating were the words, ‘Shame’

    To say I felt bad would be an understatement, that said it was reassuring to see something was felt. Although I would never have dreamed of deliberately hurting him

    Years later, my wife was taking a short cut to camp in Gutersloh, she came across a old boy, who looked at her uniform and became very anti, giving her 2 fingers and plenty of verbal’s, she took it well and continued on her way.

    What are your thoughts on this emotive subject, are Germans really sorry or is their reaction an understandable one for a nation that took on the task of World domination and fell short. Also what about these racist comments aimed primarily at the Turks, are we set for more woes in the future, interesting as the old BAOR will be fully dissolved in the next few years.
  2. Saying that "the multicultural experiment has failed" doesn't make one racist in my book. This constant bandying around of the word "racist" devalues it when it's used in its correct context.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm not sure that a German who did not take part in atrocities committed by Nazis can be any more sorry for them than I am for nastiness committed by the British Empire.
  4. What racist comments were these? Are Germans never to be allowed to express concern about foreigners in their country because of their past?

    Your mate Peter sounds like a right gayer.
  5. The Germans are truly sorry.... truly sorry they lost the war!!

    Never underestimate the dastardly Boche / sneaky hun!
  6. Stacker, having spent a full career in the forces and then onto running my own marketing company, I have come across many types of people.

    Hand on heart my friend in Berlin was and always will be one of the nicest bloke I ever met. In a world where most people put themselves first, he was always on hand to help others, always done with a smile on his face.
  7. Who gives a fcuk if the Germans are sorry? They lost and the ones responsible for starting the whole mess are dead.

    I'm sure there are loads of Germans that don't like the fact that they lost. Tough. They are just German versions of the mongs over here who stand pissed up outside pubs with their tops off shouting shit about the war during the world cups. They don't matter and no-one is listening.
    No one likes losing do they? I don't dislike Argentinians because of the Falklands but will call them a bunch of cnuts as soon as they step on a football pitch.
  8. Considering most Germans today weren't around during the Nazi era, why should they be sorry?
  9. Dont want to hijack the thread, but of course in times of mass unemployment and depression the racial murmurings start to raise their ugly heads, it is not just a german thing it is happening everywhere!!Here in sunny queensland racism is blooming , a red headed chip shop owner with her own racist political party nearly got into government here a while back, and australia,s treatment and culling of its own aborigines is still a well kept secret, we had aborigine neighbours, their family story was made into a book and a movie The Rabbit proof fence,could you imagine the uproar in UK if bigotted church organisations, removed all children of mixed racial parentage from their parents ,and moved them 1000,s of kms away from home to be raised and abused by religous fanatics, this used to be a common practise here, sorry seemed to get on my soapbox, whinge over!!
  10. Cos if Grandad had won, they would be now be the masters of the world.
  11. I've heard many Germans say "Thank goodness we lost!"

    They have their equivalents of the BNP who wish Germany had won, but they're as marginal in Germany as the BNP are in England.
  12. Proponents of the "Stolen Generation" have yet to name ten of them in response to a challenge. The widespread disdain of Aboriginals stems in the main from their attitude of arrogance to white people while relying mainly on welfare payments.
  13. I'd say they are quite a bit more than marginal, its just not a good idea for them advertise.
  14. Where do you get the idea that the Neonazis are more than marginal?
  15. I didnt say Neonazis did I? and neither did you to start with. Please don't start with the BNP being neo-nazis because it becomes embarrassing when I put the link to the Jewish BNP member.

    There are plenty of Germans who hold views on foriegners they just dont like to say it in public, a good example of why not is this thread, just because one German makes (a very true) comment on multi culture being a failure, people are already saying its all about racism.