Are females allowed to do P Company?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by footsteps, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. I am just wondering, I know they can't be employed in an infantry role but are they allowed to be part of a para unit?

    The example I'm thinking of is 156 pro coy - they're part of 16 air assult brigade and I wondered if female RMPs can get posted here after phase 2? Or is it just guys?

    Sorry if I'm mistaken on a few of the points. I start basic in October and I'm going for RMP.

    Thanks for any advice
  2. the simple answer is YES
  3. Cool, cheers!

    I take it there's a not-so-simple answer then?
  4. People will be along shortly to give there opinion.
  5. from what ive heard, alhough its allowed, no woman has been able to pass the initial fitness thingy, so you may well be the first one (though im probably wrong), and if it was true i'd be annoyed at you anyway because i wanted to be the first one! :D
  6. Ha! Is that true? No female has passed p company??

    I've been having a look around and I think girls can join 156 pro coy, so would they have to have done p coy? I'm confused!
  7. you dont have to do P Company to serve at 16 Air Assault
  8. The answer is.... Not a CHANCE!!!
  9. Answer is yes they can do P Company.

    And the answer to your second, as yet un-asked question.... is NO! ;)
  10. I know that a few females have attempted the All Arms Commando Course with either 1 or 2 passing it I believe.

    Theres an article HERE about a woman who failed. THIS ONE quits. And THIS ONE passes.

    But I don't know if any have tried P Company.
  11. Footsteps 156 Pro Coy are not a Para unit they are what it says on the tin, RMP. THE 'Pro Coy' should have been the give away on that.Yes they are part of 16AAB as are many other cap badges. A quick search on google would have told you all of that. I am led to believe that no female has of yet passed P Coy.I'm sure the Paras will tell you who has attempted and why they failed :roll:
  12. females serve in almost all the units within 16 air assault brigade doing one job or another, you do not need to have attempted or passed P Coy to serve in the brigade. but back to your original question they are allowed to attempt P Coy, although do not expect the standard to be lowered. In fact the chances are that the pace of tabs etc would be increased in order to mag to grid. however there may be women out there who are very fit but it is a whole different ball game when it comes to carrying weight.

    The female anatomy just is not cut out for carrying heavy loads (other than shopping bags).

    if you fancy that sort of stuff though maybe you should attempt the all arms commando course after all it cant be too hard as a female officer passed it, even though when she repeatedly came off events due to injury although be it she was slotted back in to the programme where she came off - where as if it was a bloke then he would have to start from scratch.
  13. Where do you people hear all this rubbish.

    Yes women are allowed to do P Coy

    Only one has ever made it too test week.

    Do i think a woman will pass. NO
  14. Of course you're allowed. You're just not allowed to pass lol.
  15. Seems I had my wires crossed a bit, cheers for clearing a few things up!