Are Female RSMs shaggable

Are Female RSM's shaggable

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So I have been thinking about Female RSM's, there not that many when I was in but Now there appears to be quite a few.

So are they shaggable or are they monsters

are they still in and where are they (within reason) a couple of years out of date will not breach their opsec thingy ma bob
I can remember one who certainly was. Oh and I never did.
I remember a female WO2 at 16 Sigs in the early 90's who would've got it, I'm pretty sure she made WO1 in her time. I'm quite aroused at the memory of her taking us all for aerobics.

I guess it depends if she's a fat munter or not.....naturally.
5 Trg Regt RLC , a few years ago , mmmm very nice.
I prefer blonde, nubile young 2nd Lts personally.

And occasionally the odd female one too.
There was one in haslar years ago who had a penchant for leather trousers, and looked quite frankly, hot. I was, of course very, very drunk. I did'nt however.
Just think of her "pace stick"
Does DADWRAC count as a "rank feck"?
Based on the only one I've seen (no such thing in God's Corps, good god no!) I would have to say definately no, she looked like a bloke.

An ugly bloke :pale:

An ugly short bloke :puker:

Probably a lezzer too! 8O
FatBoyGeorge said:
Apparently the former Signals female Corps RSM was putting out before she left Blandford in 2000.
Mess Do

Alkiehole, alcohole, booze

Snooker Room


No more clues

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