Are DVDs dwindling?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Krieg-Hammer, May 10, 2012.

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  1. With the digital age comes the convenience of the download. I moved house a wee while ago and most of my DVDs are still in boxes as I have pretty much just downloaded about half of what I own since its handy for watching things on the ipad or via a usb hard drive connected straight into the TV. Was in the garage tonight clearing stuff out and thought I should put them away properly. It made me think, should I just donate them all to charity? But then some movies you wouldnt just give away and always nice to have the original DVD due to its superior quality compared to the download (particularly Top Gun and the opening scenes of SPR). Like my video collection, when DVDs came out, they too faded away into the background to the point that charity shops wouldnt even accept them. Blu-rays I have never even been fussed about although the quality is pretty outstanding.
  2. Windows 8 Oscar apparently dropping support for DVD playback... So Microsoft obviously think so...
  3. Relatedly (?) what's the best, i.e. highest-quality, way of ripping my DVDs to disk? Software, settings, etc. If we decide that disk space occupied is not a factor.
  4. Yeah I started doing that with some of my films (fav ones anyway) but sometime it can take a hell of a lot of time. I think my DVD rip software is pretty ancient too. Whats the latest thing out there? I used DVD ISO before.

    Some films just cant be downloaded due to its lack of popularity, so no other choice but to rip DVDs.
  5. A more cynical explanation is that MS are looking to screw more money out of consumers and OEMs by charging separately for Windows Media Centre. Guess we'll see.
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  6. Nero is pretty good I've found. I'm using the Nero 10 suite and it does everything I need doing (burning, ripping, playing, etc.) Latest version is Nero 11 which I will be checking out soon.

    Nero - slp-opt-case02a-cart-layout-n11

    Nero 11.JPG
  7. Are you using W7 with your version of Nero?

    I'm yet to be convinced due to previous incompatibility issues, however end user feedback is useful.
  8. Win 7 Pro (64x Bit) No worries.
  9. Cheers, looks like updating incoming.
  10. DVD Shrink followed by an .avi converter. They end up at around 800mb each and perfectly watchable on a 32". DVD Shrink is free (Google it) and there are loads of free converters out there.

    I sold all of my DVDs recently - one of those online companies. I filled in their barcode details, got between 75p and £3 for each. They came and collected the stuff from my house free of charge as well. Ended up with a cheque for £210 and lots of space on my shelves.
  11. Thanks for that. The idea of each film only occupying 800 MB is attractive, but I'm a bit fussy about the quality. Wanting to have my cake and eat it, I'd like to store everything on a server while maintaining DVD quality. Am reasonably computer-literate but know sod all about video, so maybe I'm looking for the impossible.