Are Downs syndrome, dolls a blessing or a sick joke?


Canny beleive I used tact there - first time in my life!! must be getting auld


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Outstanding. I hope they make one with a tongue you can use to stick it to your car window.
I find myself strangely attracted to the thought of an “Anatomical Teddy”, with "anus and rectum". Am I a bad person?


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Nonces everywhere are having to go for a lie down and a swift "gentleman's rest". What's next, g-string nappies?
Joey-Deacons Lad,

Thanks for those clips in your signature line.

That clip from Saving Private Ryan/Band of Brothers (?) has had the tears streaming this morning.

The doll on the Beeb this morning, with its tongue sticking out was priceless!

Makes you wonder whether this is a serious attempt at social consciousness or whether there is a twisted toy designer in a basement in Balham, pi55ing himself laughing!


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I'm trying to save money by buying the Bavarian 'Cellar' Doll. Apparently, when you squeeze its tummy, it makes six more.
Downs Syndrome dolls? Well, it saves you the trouble of buying them ice-cream before you shag 'em.
These dolls may be similar to ones used as a diversionary tactic, when 1st Bn the Queen Mother's Cousins "lobbed in" to Sangin. Mong dolls were dropped at several locations by parachute, to spread fear and awe into the defending Taliban. Now their operational usefulness is over, I assume the MoD are trying to make a quick buck from disposals.

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