Are dogs allowed at work?

duffdike said:
If I could wave a magic wand I would ban orificers dogs. They are a feckin nuisance. I do not see why young professional people (graduates largely) who are forced to live in sub standard squalor and pay a fortune for it, whilst being edumacated in orificership by wearing a fancy suit to eat NAAFI food every night should also have to negotiate his way past pads, vomitting children and shitting barking biting dogs. They are a H & S hazard. And a discourtesy to those who do not like them.
Where the fcuk did this come from, we are talking about dogs.
duffdike said:
Warrant Officers should definitely not have dogs. They are an orificers perk. :)
You know what I like about you DD, fcuk all.
The true answer is no, from whichever way you approach it: H&S, environmental, human rights, (worker feeling threatened, allergy, hygiene, safe working environment, and on and on).

Reality; Real officers and especially re-treads think dogs are a necessary accessory. The boss who usually has a dog is not going to enforce a wishy washy rule, therefore dogs exist in work

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