Are dogs allowed at work?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by accidentalscaley, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone clarify if dogs are allowed in the work place or not! Where i'm at, it would appear that nigh on every fecker has a dog. Don't get me wrong, i love the hairy buggers, (no, not like that!) But it really fecks me off when i'm tripping over the damned things all the time. Alot of Officers have them, (Obviously as its the Officer Accessory of choice), now how can they keep them in the mess when Toms aren't allowed pets in their blocks. When the Mess cleaners say that some of the Officers with pets are real grungy tw@s. Anyone clear this up?
  2. As long as the CO/OC says yes, the Health & Safety stuff is signed and no-one objects, dogs ARE allowed.

    If you want, you can object and have the dogs removed. But that won't be a good career choice. The Mutts actually outrank the rest of us!
  3. My dog was allowed in at work in several units provided that I could prove he was insured and vaccinated. I was also responsible for his behaviour and clearing up any mess.

    I believe that the policy is set by your CO (or by the QM on his behalf)
  4. If I could wave a magic wand I would ban orificers dogs. They are a feckin nuisance. I do not see why young professional people (graduates largely) who are forced to live in sub standard squalor and pay a fortune for it, whilst being edumacated in orificership by wearing a fancy suit to eat NAAFI food every night should also have to negotiate his way past pads, vomitting children and shitting barking biting dogs. They are a H & S hazard. And a discourtesy to those who do not like them.
  5. At my last unit pets were encouraged. The CO had a Great Dane, it shat like a Shirehorse & any soldiers under sentance had to clean up after it. The 2i/c had a Lama. Our Medical Officer had a Shetland Pony that used to graze on the grass outside the Med Centre. The Sgt Major had a lovely wee Spaniel. As long as your pet was registered with the Mainguardroom & the MoD F90 (pet) it was OK. The soldiers living in their accomodation had Lizards, Gerbils, Cats, Rabbits, Goldfish, Snakes. One of the girl soldiers actually kept hens in a wee run outside her window and used to take her fresh eggs to the Junior Ranks Mess to have her own Organic breakfast. For BBC Children in Need we were all allowed to bring our pets to work if we donated £5.

    It was really funny. The WRAC in the ComCens Pussy ate a typists Gerbil and then ran down the corridor getting chased by the RAO's Chocolate Lab. Meanwhile in the MT Yard a Storemans Rabbit was consumed by a RCT Sgts Rock Python.

    Meanwhile the Boss's Great Dane took the MO's Shetland Pony from behind in full view of the waiting room full of Pad Wives & Pad Brats at the twice weekly Ritalin Clinic.

    We raised about £675 for charity and that night all the dead animals were spitroasted at a charity BBQ.
  6. Pics? :D
  7. At previous unit dogs were allowed as stated above provided proof of liability insurance was provided.

    There should also be a warning on the office door that a dog is in the office and anyone with half an ounce of sense would put a child gate on their office door.

    All personnel are responsible for their hounds. The one point I would bring out is that the unit was instructed that if anyone objected to the hounds for a justifiable reason i.e. they are siht feared of dogs then the owner could be banned from bringing them into work.

    Likewise when the that occupant leaves for pastures new they were required to pay for a deep clean of their office and, I presume, Mess Accom if applicable.

  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Our CSM at Sandhurst had 2 or 3 Labs who roamed the lines and pissed on everything and anything....horrible buggers they were....always paranoid when you had to see the CSM...not because he was about to tear you a new one, but because the bugger would see you as a stationary pissing target.

  9. This morning I made an objection to someone bringing a minging hound into work, however I am assured that she is fully vaccinated and the unit won't bar the Adj from camp. (oh come on, you were all waiting for the obvious 'joke' to be made.)

    taxi for one....
  10. No Army Officer should dislike dogs. These individuals represent a discourtesy to those who do not like them.

    RMAS should filter out such people - sending them to RAFC if they have borderline merit.

    I know of one unit where a useless chain-smoking zeppelin of a civvy doris clerk kicked up a stink about the OC's lab. The lab lasted longer than she did - it was better at the paperwork.
  11. Sadly with the demise of the WRAC and increadible incraese in fully capable women across the armed forces the number of dogs seen in the workplace ahs incraesed beyond possible measure. I yaern for the old days when they were only canine but I suppose this is what having a Labour government for 10 years does to an Army.
  12. The Senior Observer on a Naval Air Squadron I once served on had a black lab, which was an ace dog, very even tempered, soft as sh*&e in fact.

    However he did have one failing, not sure whether it was a fetish or just plain bad eyesight but he would leap on any black plastic rubbish sack and start shagging the life out of it.

    As you can imagine the cleaners took some offence at this as they couldn't walk past the SOB's office dragging a rubbish sack without being accosted by this huge horny labrador.

    In the end it got banned from the squadron office.
  13. Fuck off you trolling cunt. If I could wave a magic wand, I would get rid of self-opinionated twats like you who are also a H&S hazard. Is there any topic you haven't got a fucking opinion on?
  14. Could have put it any better Sky-Monkey... my dog loved coming to work especially at Lulworth (he is not slightly deaf now) - he helped keep students awake by farting - plus he got to go awol, shagging & locked up - learn't something new in that dogs can be prescibed the morning after pill!